Jul 10, 2011

DZ Doodles Plaqued With The Mundane!!!

Sorry, I've been plaqued with the mundane tasks of everyday issues ... the blog and crafting needed to take a backseat! And my biggest issue was cleaning out the apartment storage area located in the basement. My heartbreak was the decision to sell my porcelain doll collection that's been in storage for years! Reality has finally set in that there'll never be room to display them like I once did in a house. Besides, I have other interests now that take up plenty of space as it is! :0) If interested she's available under my Dizzy Designs Store tab.                                

Amoungest my many creative hobbies I'm a clay-addict, although I haven't had time to create, I did come across these adorable handcrafted originals by Buttonwilloe that make for great gift-giving ideas!

And for you pursey-people, another addiction of mine as well, Mel Stampz has Purse Templates Galore that you'll truly enjoy using!! :0) And she uses some awesome crafting techniques that you could also apply to scrap pages and card crafting or any paper craft project!

Even though the "mundane issues" are preventing me from staying on-top-of-my-crafting projects, I did manage to quickly throw this card idea together - actually it was a quick card creation that I needed for a birthday! I'm not particularly pleased with the background idea for the front, but it's cute and got rave reviews ... just love the simplicity of the pop-up character inside.
Now I don't know about you, but when I would look for a card in the card aisle, I was always on-the-hunt for one with a 'wow' factor whether it was on the outside or in the inside. I'm a pop-up-card-fanatic and have an extensive collection of books by authors who have done some amazing pop-up designing - as well as a collection of cards from friends. I have done some elaborate card designs based on some of theses authors creations that I've given to family and friends. But this card in its simplicity has the 'wow' factor to bring a smile on your recipient's face and perhaps a few chuckles within as they entertain themselves by pinning the tail on the donkey (held on by velcro).  Images are handrawn by me and only availabe for purchase as part of 'my projects' for sale under Dizzy Designs Store tab!  

MELTED ICE CREAM CUPCAKES! Confessions of a Cookbook Queen says that ice cream is such a fun summer party theme, and you don't have to save it for just birthdays. Slumber parties and cook-outs are the perfect excuse to serve these fun treats.
Plus, people will think that you worked really hard on them and you will get tons of compliments. And all the other moms will spend the rest of their born days trying to live up to the party treat standard you've set!

To keep your creativity flowing duing these dog days of summer I've got some freebie card template shapes, listed in our FREEBIES tab, that you may want to use on your next project (or scrap page). I'll be adding more templates throughout the week until there's plenty to choose from. Then I'll do some type of template rotation so you aren't checking back and seeing the same 'ol thing. 

Oh my gosh ... the knock on the door meant that FedX just brought my craft stuff order. I hope to have tutorials available explaining some of my many uses of them in the cards and projects I create. Hope your weekend has been a good one! "I'll be back blogging soon."

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