Jun 3, 2012

DZ Doodles; Crochet Embellished Cards, Treat Jar, Stitch Piercer, Dad Cards, Bingo Fun, Dad Shaker Card

Hello Fellow Doodlers!

Art Every Day! "You don't have to think you simply do." Find time. No one is too busy for daily arting. It's a question of how badly you want to make the commitment. There is time in your day: Journal in bed right before you turn the lights off. Knit/crochet when you're the passenger in a car. Doodles when you're on the phone. Sketch in line at the grocery store. Sew while you're watching TV. Color when you're in the kitchen. Art journal on your lunch break. Use highliters on your desk to create patterns. Set an arbitrary limit: You don't have to think; you simply do. You can set a time limit (just 10 minutes), a size limit (fill a 2" x 3" card), or supply limit (use pen and watercolor only). Pick something that works for you.

The biggest benefit of arting every day is the daily affirmation that you are worth taking 10 minutes a day for creative time. You have value. Remeber, daily arting is not about creating a finished product. Rather, it's about taking time to encourage your creative self every single day.

  • Get better with practice-technically, aesthetically, and intellectually.
  • Grow your body of work (even teeny tiny 10-minute pieces) does add up.
  • Find your personal style and feel more authentic.
  • Get faster, there's no more agonizing over decisions.
  • Your actions influence not only your children, but, family and friends, and those around you!
Nonna's Craft Corner shows you this lovely 9-1/2" card idea embellished with crocheted flowers and rhinestone centers. Although she directs you to Tatiana's Etsy shop for her crocheted embellishments, I will be listing my crochet items next month (July) at my Dizzy Designs Store too!

Add stitches to projects without a sewing machine! The rotary Sew Easy Stitch Piercer creates perfectly aligned holes that can be stitched easily. This attachment is easy to slip onto the Piercer handle. Just roll the tool over your paper for perfect line of holes! Use with the Piercing Mat for more defined holes. Sew Easy Needles store inside the piercer, keeping them handy at all times. This piercer creates a line of holes for sewing flourish patterns on your crafts.

Storage made Sew Easy! This neat case is perfect for storing all your large and small Sew Easy Piercers and Doodle Stamper heads! This clear case with a pink handle measures 6 ½”x2 ¼”x5 ½” and can hold up to 26 heads. It’s great for taking on a crop or just to keep it all organized, you’ll love it!

The rotary stitch piercer creates perfectly aligned and uniform holes that can be stitched easily. Just roll the tool over your paper! Use with the Piercing Mat (link) for more defined holes. Sew Easy Needles (link) store inside the piercer, keeping them handy at all times. Creates a straight line of holes to be stitched or used for adding brads and other embellishments. Add stitches to projects! This thick foam pad makes it easy to use the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer (link) when rolling it across your paper or other surface. The pad allows the piercer to create distinct holes, perfectly aligned and uniform in size. And that makes stitching easier! Great for adding stitches to scrapbook pages, cards, tags and more.

With Father's Day just around the corner,  JustRite wanted to give you a chance to put your thinking caps on and honor those men in your lives! Whether it's graduation or a birthday or Father's Day, JustRite Friday Challenge #074 is all about the guys! They have many stamp sets that are perfect for this challenge. If you need a starting place, you can always check out their pinterest board for Father's Day ideas HERE.

Have some fun with Dad Bingo Cards! These Father's Day bingo cards have words associated with father's day instead of the ordinary bingo numbers. The word list includes words like BBQ, Card, Celebration, Coffee mug and Dad that makes the bingo game a perfect family or classroom activity.

These bingo cards were created using The Bingo Maker bingo card maker; you may create your own custom bingo cards with a free trial of The Bingo Maker using a wide variety of bingo templates.

Making a shaker card is always good fun and is something a little different than typical handmade cards. At Vick's Card Making Ideas her Father's Day Shaker Tool Card is just one of those awesome shaker card designs!

Here's a simple and sweet treat jar gift idea that's sure to satisfy Dad's sweet tooth (or just about anyone's) created by Lisa's Handmade Cards.


Ardilla said...

Thanks for sharing, Diane!

Cleah said...

Wonderful inspirations for Father's Day! I have a rotary stitch piercer but no idea that I have to use the Piercing mat. Thanks for the tip. I use a mouse pad but the holes are not very defined. Thank you too for the freebies!

Michelle Quinno said...

Thanks so much! Love all the cards!

Unknown said...

I enjoy cruising websites, finding different things of interest, and when I find something that's interesting, for me in particular, I enjoy sharing it with those who visit my site. In doing so, it also creates a list "for me" of the things that I don't want to forget about ... I just come to my blog!!

txexperiment said...

I love all your ideas. Thanks!

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