Oct 21, 2012

DZ Doodles Oodles of Doodles News; Halloween Bird House, and Freebie Templates, Papercraft Dimensional Birds, Felt Halloween Cuties, Freebie Fall Harvest Digi, Inkjet Image Tranfers, Embossed Sanding, Freebie Pumpkins, Doily Candles, Paper Shoe Treats, Gingerbread Houses/Recipes, Dylusions Creative Journal Video, and lots more added throughout the week!

"Happy Fall Days" Doodles Followers!


The question sometimes arise's from children without fireplaces as to how Santa will enter their home. SANTA'S MAGIC KEY ORNAMENT card and tutorial by Created by You will assure your child that Santa will have access to your door ... hang it on the tree as a decoration and on the big event night, before the kids are put to bed, have them hang it on the outside door knob of the door. Of course, don't forget to remove it after their fast asleep - set it alongside that plate of milk and cookies the kids left for Santa! (One time I put a phoney front door key in something similar to this and my daughter, being the smarty that she was, made sure to check to see that the key worked, and she brought it to my attention when she found that it didn't. So don't fake it. Kids are smart!).

IDEOGRAM is an amazing and handy on-line tool to use to create a variety of sized envelopes or boxes. Simply type in the dimesions for envelope or box; follow Instructions to print the template (as many times as you need it), and cut out! There is a size limit and a lot depends on the accommodations of your printer. I prefer to use the "Centimeter Units" marked on my ruler for a more precise measurement instead of the inches.

Jack-o-lanterns are a staple of Halloween decorations. Here are tips on making a jack-o-lantern using a pumpkin stencil.VIDEO: Make a Jack-O-Lantern by Bonnie Zaiss with "free" pumpkin stencils! Browse through this collection of free patterns you can download and use to carve or paint your pumpkins. There are several designs to choose from. There are patterns for everything from a simple Halloween jack-o-lantern to a fancy dragon design.

If you love perfect pages, this tool is a must have. Scrap Rack's "Get It Staright" Laser Light!  Imagine being able to line up your photos and embellishments exactly everytime! Just slide the laser to create a red beam of light across your page. Double page spreads can be lined up quickly and easily too! The beam will reach across 2 pages.


Who says ornaments are just for Christmas? This Halloween Bird House Ornament by Design Team Expert Linda Auclair at "ep" (echo park paper co.) used "Chillingsworth Manor" paper collection.

Although these Three Different Designs of All Handmade Bird House's are for wood construction, the patterns can easily be converted for use with card stock (or constructon board, or using foamboard) to create gorgeous paper bird houses - just apply imagination; some decorative papers, design elements, and embellishments! Suggestion: Just print out the pattern pieces as it will all size accordingly and cut pieces out leaving a 1/4" tab where you need to attach. Of course you will have to use a program where you can "over-enlarge" these images to suit the overall bird house finished size. With these patterns you will have to make some "fitting" adjustments as you create them, so I suggest that you play with some "chumpy" card stock to create "templates".

And for an easy-peasy bird house design pattern
here's one by Crafts4Kids that I found!

But here is a really cute pattern by Janilla Chong, and although it's called, "A Cubby House" it works well as a bird house "box" too (cut out the door shown or make a circle within it's arch or in the same area)! I printed out my main template and cut it out as shown, then a second template where I cut out "pieces" for each side and the roof to use as templates to trace out on my decorative papers for application. To strength the bottom I cut a bottom piece out of poster board and glued it to the inside of the bottom. Made small or large, this template is good for including candies!

Of course, "OMG! Yes I did" ... find a papercrafted dimensional bird free template pattern, pre-colored for you to use with your bird house design or for the holidays, or for any other "bird" reason you may have! There are four different color-versions to choose from.


PAPER WISHES, for a solid week, presents a project each day that are mostly for gift-giving! SUPER PENNANT WEBISODE!


You can make a variety of Halloween cuties from the pattern that Creative Breathing is sharing. And while you’re at her blog post, admiring all the possibilities and downloading the pattern, be sure to read the post. If you’re old enough to remember the Mary Tyler Moore show, it will leave you grinning. Find out more and get the pattern freebie...

Click on this Fall Harvest image and save it to your digi folder for those lovely Autumn projects; cards, scrap pages, or art-on-the-wall designs, and stitching projects!

Standard Silver Duct Tape (3M brand), or Nashua brand Transparent Duct Tape, or Blue Painter's Tap ... three tapes with the least amount of problem with ink "bleading up" and causing blotches in the transferred image. What's this jibberish all about, your asking yourself?! It's called, Duct Tape Inkjet Image Transferring! And now you can learn about the technique and try it for yourself using Doll House Minatures tutorial. Think of all the possible applications! And don't forget to browse, in the right-hand column articles such as; How I Age Paper, Minature Keepsake Boxes with FREE PDF emplate printouts at the end of the post, and a huge list of a lot of other fun things! 

Sanding card stock makes a stunning impact on your projects, and adds interesting texture with not a lot of effort when using white core (or black core) card stock, embossing folders and sanding the image. This Paper Craft Planet quick tutorial, by Taylor, is a reminder for some and a new concept for newbies, that will show you how to achieve this look. And to help you out with this kind of card design here are some freebies I thought I'd share with you!


A glass jar is "just a jar," but, candles are romantic, so add one inside. Doilies are dainty. Burlap is rustic. Rustic meets romance! Together they create one-of-a-kind pretty luminaries that would be great for a Valentine's Day romantic mood, holiday table setting, or wedding day reception accent! While following the tutorial to create your own luminaries play around with different ribbons, buttons, twine and bits-of-burlap while experimenting with various doily designs as well.
I love a good shoe-deal for my feet, but, more so when they can be made from card stock and stuffed with some tasty treats! These Paper Shoe Treats for a "Sole" Mate by All Things Thrifty offers a FREE template pattern download, and if you are the lucky owner of a Silhouette cutting machine, you can download the file for FREE too! Printable tages are lso included.
These gingerbread house ideas are a great way to celebrate the joys of Christmas with your loved ones. The projects in this collection are the best way for the crafty culinary artist or the sweet-toothed artisan to show off his or her flair for edible architecture. House all your gingerbread people this year with your very own gingerbread abode, or make all sorts of fascinating adorable and edible crafts for Christmas. If this sounds like your newest holiday tradition, this 58-page eBookfull of gingerbread house patterns, recipes and Christmas craft ideas is just for you!

Dylusions Creative Journal available at Joggles is Dyan's "perfect" journal - a blank journal that is a combination of manila cardstock and matte white heavy cardstock, ideal for the application of Dylusions Ink Sprays and techniques using water, inks, paints and mediums. The journal cover is made from sturdy chipboard and filled with 64 unlined pages for endless paper crafting creativity.
My Creative Journal Journey available at Joggles by Dyan Reaveley. Join Dyan on her "Creative Journal Journey" book. Using step-by-step photos and instructions is just like having Dyan by your side showing you how she creates her original art journal pages. This 8.5" x 5.5" book is chock full of inspiration , step-by-step photos and instructions to walk you through inking, painting and journaling techniques to create your own art journal. 51 pages, full color, softcover with one wire binder tab.



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