Jan 18, 2013

DZ Doodles ... Some Inspiration and Valentine Stuff

Hello Fellow Doodlers!

Just a quick mention about the following article that you have to read as it is thought provoking and inspirational to us all ... post by Carol Ohl.

"The last eight months for me have been a whirlwind of ramped up activity, mountains of details, and lifestyle adjustments. It's all been a ton of fun, and lots of hard work, but there is a flow that I feel that helps me know I'm exactly where I belong for the moment. One of my prominent lessons is letting go of the lists, and allowing time for what is being called for at the moment. That might mean lunch with a friend, even though I may have a pile of other things to do. It might mean I forego lunch with a friend because of the piles of things to do. Each moment asks me to participate in its own way, regardless of the rules I hold about it. There are many "shoulds" to follow, but we get a chance to move beyond those and do what is intuitively "right" for that moment.
In the past couple of weeks I've made a real effort to allow for my intuition to take a real front and center. As it turns out, I had one day that began with a breakfast with a friend at 8:30 and by 11:10 I realized I might be late for my lunch date with my mom. Now that's a great morning! I set my lists aside, and what transpired was a really meaningful morning with deep conversation and swirling insights.
By the time Monday came, I really "should" have gotten more checks of the list on my desk. But Peg Farmer was having a Zentangle class at the bead store. And even though I could have sat in the computer corner and finished lots of the items on my list, I knew what was really being asked is that I sit down with the class and become a student of Zentangle. Later that evening I "should" have helped my son peel wallpaper off my dining room wall, but something else was calling: another dinner conversation full of meaningful twists and turns and aha moments. My son was cool with that:)
The flow is a wonderful thing. Sitting down with Zentangle always reminds me of that. The more I do, the more I see the experience of flow with Zentangle helps me float my way to each appropriate moment in the rest of my day.
Thanks universe. I am one lucky girl." Read more... 

Just in time for Valentine's Day we have a sweet mini kit for you...Pierrot Amour! BLOG
 Hidden Vintage Studios Pierrot Amour  

What is mixed media? At its essence, mixed-media art is about using more than one medium in a piece of art. Beyond that requirement, mixed-media art techniques are boundless. To give you an idea of the range, Cloth, Paper, Scissors assembled five different mixed-media artists with five different approaches in Exploring Mixed-Media Techniques: 5 Free Mixed-Media Art Techniques and Projects, a new eBook.

Whether you like to work on paper, canvas, or fabric, these ideas will get you started. Use any or all of these art techniques to jumpstart a day of creativity or work them into your own private day of experimentation.

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