Mar 29, 2013

Berry Season, Turn UFOs INTO FOs, Double Embossing Technique. I have gone and done it...,

There is nothing better than fresh picked berries in the summer and all of the yummy desserts that go along with them. There are lots of ways to incorporate these delicious berry shades of blues, purples, pinks and red look beautiful alongside one another and can create a look that is rich yet still fresh. Some easy ways to achieve this look are to use berry shades, adorn your projects with berry embellishments or choose pinks, reds and purples for your. Enjoy!

Turn UFOs Into FOs

It's a new year, and throughout 2012, Oodles of Doodles News provided you with free images to enjoy and to hopefully experience projects that you've applied many of them to. If you started some of these projects and just haven't quite got them finished, now is a good time to make a pledge to finish up any and all unfinished objects (UFOs). It might only be joining some parts together or finishing a trim that is holding you back from turning an unfinished project into a finished object (FO). I would love to see what you accomplished last year, so send in a photo of any of our free image(s) projects that you enjoyed doing and finishing!

I swore I never would, but I have gone and done it…

I'm in the process of taking my drawings and making them into acrylic stamps of varying sizes and available as sets, or as pieces sold separately! Yes, it’s true, you will soon see a new line of stamps from a company that is owned and operated by my crafty-sister Marge from her home in Mukilteo, WA!
We will be launching later in the spring and I will have LOTS more details in the months to come as our ideas progress!
I am beyond delighted to be starting this new creative adventure. There have been many steps {over the years} to get me to this point, and can hardly wait to share it with all of you! Thank you for all your support over the years here on my blog and for your continued support as I start this very exciting new adventure.
I am going to go into serious design mode over the next few months, so I can have lots of fun stuff to show your for our launch. Stay tuned, I promise to keep the details coming!

BUTTONS GALORE and More's Unique buttons for crafts! All orders totaling over $30 receives free shipping in the USA (ships worldwide).


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