May 30, 2012

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Hello Fellow Doodlers!

Memorial Day set in motion the great American BBQ Season and thought it appropriate to bring you some apron-ology before the first day of summer, June 20th, when BBQ really begins to make it's debut!

An apron is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body; worn for hygienic reasons as well as in order to protect clothes from wear and tear. The word "apron" actually originated from the word "naperon" which is a French word for a napkin or small tablecloth. And, surprisingly enough the apron did not start off as a piece of apparel worn singularly by women. Instead, aprons were mainly worn by men when they were first invented. These men wore the apron while completing work in such professions as: blacksmiths, farmers and gardeners, fishmongers, meat and wood carvers, furniture makers, leather smiths, cobblers, tailors, barbers, and stonemasons to name just a few.
Women "officially" donning aprons came about right around the turn of the 20th century, and originated in Victorian England. These early aprons were almost always delicately hand embroidered and stitched to perfection. Most pioneer matrons proudly wore an apron, as well, and wore them for all the right reasons: an essential garment for hands-on-tasks that they had to do throughout their long day. As the 1920's roared around, women no longer wanted to be solely associated with the home front and aprons, which were once a symbol of "domestic pride". The 1950's were definitely the high point of apron popularity. Creativity reigned, as aprons again became the way that many used to show off their handiwork while playing hostess, and up until the 60's, to quote the famous Martha Stewart, it was,  "a good thing".  Cheaper clothes and washing machines made aprons less common beginning in the mid 1960's in some countries such as the United States. However, the practice of wearing aprons remains strong in many places.

With the 20th century warily marching on, aprons lost their pizazz and domestic enthusiasm. Today, the apron has enjoyed a minor renaissance in terms of both women, men, and children now wearing them when performing a variety of chores and reverted back to the half apron, popular phrases aprons, and BBQ aprons for men. But the truth is, if these fancy items of apparel would have burned better, they more then likely would have suffered the same ending as several great bras did during those years of the early fighting feminist era. Aprons have been on a roller coaster ride of popularity over the years with feminism, gender roles, and sensibility of class ultimately dictating whether or not the apron is "in" or "out" of fashion. Currently, the majority of those who wear aprons seem to be the ones who have to for employment reasons, of course, those of us, despite our age, value the morals and beliefs of another generation and time. Then there are some, like me ... who simply and honestly, just really love aprons!


Fairly soon it will be time to celebrate Father's Day and honor dear ol' Dad, so here's some freebie images to get you started on your dad's projects that he's sure to love, and some projects that will inspire you!

Above are two styles of father's cards, one shirt card is with a tie for that office dad, and one is for that handy dad! These Shirt Pocket Cards are meant to look like the pocket on a man's shirt. Pick out a gift card you know your dad will like (or cash, theatre tickets, "game" tickets, etc.), and it can go in the pocket, and be a card and gift in one! Holiday Crafts and Creations also includes the how-to's in their post, and the pocket, tie, and collar lapel PDF template to get your started! Now that's easy!

Kate posted an awesome origami folded tie tutorial on, OWH Stars and Stamps, that inspired Julie, Handmade By Julie, to creat her card projects!

And if card shirts aren't interesting enough, then Thethered 2 Home created an unusual version of Creations by AR Templates, Comfy Sofa Gift Box, and Papa's Trunk.

Paper Crafts by Laurel watercolor video with Faber-Castell Gelatos is a demonstration of how you needn't be a Van Gough to watercolor those stamped images and create something beautiful ... you'll learn some stuff and a cool way to use a butterfly! Did you catch the quick part towards the end, where she conceals her reusable Distress Ink "pads' for distressing? Who would of thought, on the bottom of each inking pad!

View an assortment of Penny Black stamped projects using Faber-Castell coloring products HERE that Designers created for their Faber-Castell Showcase!

Fab You Bliss states, "this is probably the cutest thing I've ever made with felt." The idea came to her from the front cover of this month's issue of Country Living magazine, which has a felt sunflower pillow adorably displayed on the couch. It does somehow stand out, and this only goes to show, inspiration can be found anywhere! You can find the supplies you'll need, her measurements and photo tutorial to guide you through the process HERE!

Banana Nut with Strawberry Filling ("oh my") and Peanut Butter Frosting ... "OMG!" all of my fave's in one cupcake, I can't believe it! Get the recipe ingrdients for cupcakes, filling, and frostings HERE and start making up these scrumptous cupcake creations!

Darlene Designs shares photo's and her video how-to for making this super-fun double slider card after coming across an inspirational grocery bag slider card video and thinking it was cool, and decided to give it a try!

Nichole Magouirk took forever, she says, to come up with this Hello Sweet Baby card idea. Thankfully forever didn't last long! I found the card cleverly constructed and had to show, what seems like forever, can come up with. Baby cards are sometimes difficult to think up a lot of times, especially when you are wanting "unique".

Basket Minatures From Polymer Clay. "OMG!" You know how I'm always introducing you to "clay" project articles, well, the technique of twisting strands of polymer clay to a rope to make very effective baskets, by Todd Toys and Minatures, is just a great example of clay work! You'll get all the how-to info HERE! Plus a variety of other projects that may be of interest to you as well.

STASH HAPPY FELT and PATCHWORK, and now STASH HAPPY APPLIQUE by Cynthia Shaffer, is the latest in the STASH HAPPY series from Lark Crafts. There's 25 applique projects that make the design. The smaller pieces of fabric typically used in applique will send you digging happily through your scrap bin for those favorite little bits of fabric you couldn't bear to part with. Full color photos accompany patterns (other than simple shapes) are provided at the end of the book.

Vintage Umbrella's candy crafted Gumdrop Topiary was created for a graduation party, however, this would be great for any ocassion or event's decor! Jenni Swenson hot glued her gumdrops but I'd use toothpicks hot glued into the stryo ball, then stick my gumdrop onto each one ... only on the top half, the bottom pieces would probably fall off, to entertain "picky eaters". There's also a lot of other fun ideas too!

Advice From Collage Artist and Creative Guru Tim Holtz.Tim recently sat down with Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason for an early morning chat on the floor of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show. Among many topics, Tim shared his top 10 tips for creating your own signature style.

Here are five of her favorites:
1. Be yourself. Your personal style is simply that—your style, so be sure to stay true to what you like. 2. Look around. While our creative surroundings are full of inspiration, it's what you take from them to make it your own that's important. 3. Get inspired. There are so many ways to find inspiration from other designers. Check out blogs, magazines, and other online sources. 4. Experiment. Trying new things is key to developing your style. It's true that you won't know what you like until you try it. 5. Take time to play. It's a simple word we associate with children, but it's even more important as an adult-play. Play with a variety of colors, products, and mediums to discover what you like.

Straightforward and down-to-earth advice, to be sure. But Tim's gotten pretty far with it, don't you think!

Thank you for stopping by, your comments are welcomed, and remember to stop and have some crafting fun today! Diane

May 28, 2012

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Hello Fellow Doodlers!

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of the month of May (May 28, 2012). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in military service.

World War II
Dates: 1939-1945
An astonishing 16,535,000 American men fought in World War II. But the deadliest conflict in human history was also notable for its staggering civilian casualties, due to the Holocaust and the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare.

Hundreds of thousands of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union struggle just to survive. Imagine you are old and infirm, living on a meager pension of less than $100 per month. You need medicine to survive, but you cannot afford it because what little money you have goes toward food. A harsh winter is approaching, but you have no money to purchase heating fuel for your stove, the sole source of warmth in your tiny apartment. If you could only afford one of these — food, medicine, or heat — which would you choose? Fortunately, thanks to generous (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) IFCJ donors who are providing basic necessities by supporting our Isaiah 58 program, thousands of people no longer have to make that choice.


Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.
- John F. Kennedy

A salute to my Veteran Heroes. WW II- Army Tanker: Edward N. Motykowski (awarded 2 Purple Hearts), Army: Ralph Watt/Omaha Beach survivor. Army: John Zyla, Edward Zyla, Air Force: Stanley Zyla, Army: Gene Trompke. Army: Jacob Flynn, Christopher Muhlbauer/deployed 3 times to Iraq, Marine: Jacob Zyla.

Technique Tuesday with Marla at Sassafras gives an excellent pictorial tutorial on creating these cute little see-thru pyramid boxes. Although the post article pertains to Easter, they could be crafted for any time of the year -- for weddings, shower, anniversaries, graduations, etc! Just download the PDF Box Template file available at the bottom of the post which certainly makes it eays!

Summer's here and so are these summer sweets from the Decorated Cookie! And all the summer ideas and details to each photo is collected in one handy "seasonal" place ... just click on an image which takes you to all the info! This would all make for great summertime party treats.

Who doesn't love the fun game of bowling, whether you are an experienced bowler or a novice. This creative spinner Bowling Card is the perfect card for any bowler! Ali of Alley Way Stamps has a video tutorial (using their stamp set: adoraBowl) that will help guide you through creating your own Bowling Ball Spinner Card!

AND here's some tips on how to create a spinner card from Create and Craft by Joe Rotella which includes a PDF pattern to download and video -- great embellishment that could roll, a beach ball, snowball, stars, rocket ship, hearts, just to mention a few!

This lovely Liberty Shaker Card by Jenny Gropp truly says, "Let Freedom Ring," an Impression Obsession's (IO) stamp! And, have you ever wanted to use different shapes and sized shaker boxes  on your projects? Well, IO has a variety of shaker boxes available (and Shake-It-Kits too!) that will inspire you to get shakin'!

Making your own stamps is astonishingly easy. And once you start, it will become an addiction that can’t be stopped. Mixed-media artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares myriad techniques for creating stamps in Stamp-Making Adventures video download with found objects, foam, and carving, Along the way she reveals tips on printing, layering, and planning your designs. It’s a stamp-making adventure you won’t soon forget! Take a look inside preview!

Heather's Make It Monday #68 video, of Papertrey Ink, shows you how she easily creates her POCKET CARDS that are great to use for those gift-card-giving!

Seriously, some people’s creativity astounds me! These wonderful little message clips are made from of all things, mouse traps! Shelly Hickox of Stamptramp Steampunk Mousetrap Message Clips got her inspiration from, Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom's basic design dollar store mouse trap clips tutorial shown in the second photo! By clicking on both designer's name you'll find even more photos and directions to get you clippin' notes too!

May 24, 2012

DZ Doodles; Chatty Charms, Dad Pop Up, Crop Photos, Teabag Pouch, Bow DVD Offer, Freebie Flip Flop Image, Letraset Markers, Watercolor On Canvas, Home Decor Decoupage, Zebra Felt Rug, Flip Flop Mini Album

Hello Doodles Followers!


Wedding decor is so personal yet so one-of-a-kind when it's handmade. This 4" x 6" photo letter project created by Shanty 2 Chic and featured at Emmaline Bride is a DIY project which includes FREE Photo Letters, from an outrageous selection of letters, that can be printed from your computer and used for personal use.

Easy Father's Day Pop Up Card is available in PDF format and FREE! It's a Dad Day card anyone can make; a simple yet great way to say, "I love you!"
The number one thing to remember when you crop photos is to TELL A STORY! Linda of Partycrafts Secret gives you three examples of what she means that you can try next time you're scarpbooking and cuttin' up those photo's! I am sooo lovin' her idea!
Also, in the site's right hand column, click onto and view her 55 page How To Host A Themed Party flip album.

Tea and Cookie Gift Set! Debi calls her project, TEA FOR TWO, and Kimberly Morris created a quick video tutorial for a Teabag Pouch for you to watch! However, no matter what it's called, it's always a great gift-giving project that anyone would love to receive!

Of course, it's another inspirational Super-Cute Felt book and project! Laura Lupin Handmade of Bugs and Fishes shares this Lavender sachet project and offers plenty of ideas for color and ways to decorate your sachet with  pattern dimensions and photo tutorial ... plus, there's plenty more project ideas listed!

Want to learn how-to create this gorgeous "cascading" card? Find directions for this fun cascading card HERE! Note: this is a German site, however, most of the directions are translated into English.

This Nursery Name Plaque project and tutorial by Gel-a-Tins Self Sticking Clear Stamps is a great baby handmade gift that any new mom would love to receive, and have hanging in babies room (or as a door plaque). Of course, stamps-on-hand could easily re-create this project too!

Have some clay fun! Polymer Clay is a site that's been aound for a while but it seems there are numerous new goodies every time you look. CHATTY CHARMS is one of those createable "embellishment" goodies for those who have something to say! :0)

Beginner Bow Making DVD features the No Bow No Go Template. You'll learn to create 4 boutique style bows with no stress and perfect you're very first time These Templates are designed for success!

A proper 50's housewife "block" (as in quilting)! Now this site, although oriented towards using fabric's and quilting, can easily be re-created by papercrafters, and is a terrific inspiration to change up your designing mind! Made During Quiet Time by Leila, is a site worth visiting and you'll want to follow her by email (found way down the right hand column), like I am, as well!

A date for your diary, Jak Heath's, Letraset Metallic Markers. On Create and Craft TV! Letraset ProMarkers provide flawless color laydown, consistent coverage, and no streaking, making them ideal for design, illustration, comic art, and crafts.
Filled with high performance, alcohol-based, permanent ink, ProMarkers feature a broad chisel nib on one end and a rounded bullet nib on the other. The ink is considered permanent and may be used on paper, card, glass, acetate, plastic, ceramic, wood, and metal. Secure "click-fit" caps prevent marker dryout.
ProMarkers are available in a wide variety of contemporary colors, ranging from bright, vivid shades to subtle pastels. The translucent inks also can be overlaid and blended to create additional shades and hues. The ProMarker Blender is ideal for softening and merging colors. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236.

DICK BLICK Letraset ProMarkers SAVINGS up to 25% off list price!

Ever thought about working on canvas intstead of card stock and watercolor papers? Jill Foster's video tutorial will have you lovin' her techniques for watercoloring on canvas! This technique would easily create beautiful one-of-a-kind home decor pieces, such as scrapbooking on the wall. Watercolor pencils; Faber-Castell Aquarella Pencils and Aquarella Pencil Sets, and Aqua Flow Brush Set (or use Niji Waterbrushes, or Aqua Flo by Royal Langnickel), and Canvas panels or Blick Canvas Panels in varying sizes can be used!

SWEET BABY CURLS from Two Peas In A Bucket Member Gallery is scrapbook "hair" baby page must have! And here's one that's sweet and simple.

Better Homes and Garden's Decoupage Home Decor Projects is full of decoupaged decor projects that will inexpensively cheer up any space or accent. A collage of cutouts ( maybe even stamps!), and a few coats of sealer are all you need -- to read the "how-to's" to each photo simply click on PRINT in slide show which takes you to another page to print including pertinate information for eah slide. You can choose to print each slide seperately or select PRINT ALL SLIDES pertaining to this article; it's all of 13 pages long, which takes 7 sheets using both side FYI.

Better Homes and Garden's Clever Art and Paper Scraps decor will most definitely inspire you to get creative with wall decor! Use those pretty bits and pieces of paper you can't bear to part with for wall-art projects. There's a list of other projects as well but I just had to "entice" you with some of my favorite projects!! Sorry, I couldn't stop myself from showing you so many of them.

How-Tuesday has this Zebra Felt Rug (or wall hanging) from the book, Dorm Decor, Cut-It-Out tutorial which includes the rug template PDF download, materials list and easy how-to make one. This is a great idea for a child's African or zoo-like-room decor!!

AHHHH, something I've forgotten about, which was once all the rage to do, and have a few unfinished one's too ...the Flip Flop Mini Album. So here's your reminder too, from Pat's, The Technique Trail! I've added a flip flop image and a rhinestone flip flop that can help you in your flip flop designing.

Looking to put some "action" into your projects? Action Wobble Springs are self-adhesive collapsible springs that add motion and dimension to flat objects for a unique effect. Just peel off the backing paper on one side and attach to your card, scrapbook page, or other paper crafting project. Then remove the other backing paper side, stick to your cut-out stamped image on top, and you're ready to wobble!

The Action Wobble Springs are available in my Dizzy Designs Store. Action Wobble Springs measure approximately 1-1/2"L x 1-1/4"W x 1.4"H and each package comes with 12 Wobble Spring @ $8.55 and that includes shipping!


I'll be posting more, as I find things of interest to both you and I!

I hope I've given you some ideas to fill your summertime long hours with fun projects -- and make ahead Christmas gift-giving ideas!


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