Jan 27, 2009

Deedle-dee Doodles Photo Frame Crochet Collection

Every once in a while a handcrafted embellishment comes along that leaves you in awe. That was my reaction after doodle-crocheting my photo frame collection consisting of crochet stitches and cross stitch onto a durable lightweight frame using various crochet thread colors.

As you flip through your latest batch of of photographs, you can't help but smile as you remember all that transpired throughout those moments of togetherness. Whether it's a newborn coming home photos, the family gathering of candidly taken photos, or personal moments spent with family and friend's - scrapbooking your special memories in an extrodinary fashion with Oodles of Doodles Crochet Photo Frame embellishments will bring out your creativity and help you present your photos in an entertaining display!

Uniquely created crochet and cross stitched frame designs only available from Deedle-dee Doodles!

To view a variety of designs please go to my personal eBay blog

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