Jun 21, 2009

Finding Inspiration

The question is, how does a person continually gain 'new' inspiration and not run out of ideas? The answer is easy and anyone can apply it to their own paper crafting habits ... you just have to look.

People often overlook how much inspiration can be found in just a single item and each can be used more than once: shapes, color, contrast & hues, size, etc. Whether it's an image found on line -- make afolder on your desktop and folder it, something from a print publication or even packaging/labels from grocery store product packages ... folder it, and you can begin to build your own inspiration rference. Use a three-ring binder with page protectors. This way you can slide clippings in and out and easily move them around or scan and add images to your desktop folder.

This spring I was informed that a grandson just got his valid driver's license and a while later told to remember that another was graduating from 8th grade (or middle school is what I think its called now) ... I'm NOT that old, but, when you hear driver's license, graduating 8th grade and grandchild all in one sentence, not to mention year, it surely makes a person feel the aging process as I consider myself a young Gramie!

I began searching my folder it stuff to inspire some artwork designs that would be different. I came up with these two very different card creations! Both of my artwork pieces are computer generated cardstock paper-piecings dimensionally layered on the cards.

The GRAD BOY card was made with a variety of scraps I had, but, the DRIVER's WHEEL front and inside panels were created using Adornit-Carolee's Creations Travel Collection Travel Map paper (very nice). I played-off my cover sentiment with the words we often hear ... "can I see a valid driver's license please?" Inside the card, are both a child's key ring set and adult set of key's, which represents the change from child to adult now, as it seems like only yesterday that he was putting those plastic key's in his mouth to teeth on! I used Prisma Color colored pencils numbers: PC42, PC926, PC925, PC920, PC1006, PC916, PC917, PC1015, PC906, PC918, PC922, PC940, PC941, PC1072, PC1054.

I do appreciate that you visited today, Diane

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