Jul 25, 2009

Where does the time go? Seems like only a few weeks ago that I was thinking that half the year is gone when I flipped my calendar to July. Someone once told me that time goes faster the older you get, and I laughed. Now, here I am "older" and beginning to believe it's true. And the only reality is, as we "mature", our schedules get fuller and there's less time to find yourself getting bored!

I can definitely state that my calendar seems to get fuller every day ... in fact, looking at the calendar, there are only five months left until Christmas , even less than that if you celebrate Hanakkah. I am, of course, behind in my papercrafting projects according to my TO DO List that I made as part of this years resolutions.

One of the most asked questions is, "When are you making your images available?" And I'm happy to say that the process of setting up the "DZ Doodles" digital stamp web site is underway! DZ Doodles will offer affordable printable stamps -- no more waiting on the mailman and no more trying to organize a section in your scrap area for rubber or acrylic stamps! The files will come in the format of "jpg" and "png". DZ Doodles will accept PayPal payments and after payment your order will be sent via-email!

Thanks for visiting ... Diane

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