Jan 1, 2012

DZ Doodles "Cabin Fever" Time-To-Try-Something New and Different!

Hello doodle followers,

Happy 2012 and I hope everyone's holidays were filled with fun-festivities that made for fond and lasting memories. My last post content hopefully inspired you to try something new and different this year, especially throughout our upcoming cabin fever winter season. If your crafting is feeling a bit more boring than it used to be or if you've been looking for some way to spice up your crafting without spending a lot of money or doing anything too dramatic - just something to bring flavor back into your craft world, there is a trick that you should know about and that could give you the answer you've been looking for.

It's so simple, you'll be surprised that you haven't thought on it before. The trick is to make sure that you try something new or different every single day or week without giving up on the endeavor to do so! This could be a new or different crafting method or implementing the use of a new tool to your projects, a new or different recipe and making time for baking, a new or different sewing, stitching, or fabric project, to mention just a few of them. January is National Hobby Month and time for you to expand your "interests"!
BOLD and BEAUTIFUL! This Summer Days paper cone wreath is just too cute and colorful to say you can't re-create it! Scrappy Canuck Sudio's used the SUMMER DAYS paper collection from Echo Park Paper Co., more of a girl's theme, but there's A BOY'S LIFE paper collection that would be cute for the little guy in your life! CLICK HERE for the video tutorial to give you an idea of how it's done and start re-creating your own paper cone wreath for someone special!

"Oh so cute!" ... If you haven't been a fan of the Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls), these adorable thank you cards in a Matryoshka style from Vintage Umbrella just may have you making some up! CLICK HERE for Jenni Swenson's tutorial!

So what's special about this crocheted Cloche ... "it can be lined," it's definitely made for someone who loves to pop on a hat every day of the year unless it's about 90 degrees, and lined or unlined you'll most likely want one in more colors. HERE'S where you can find Laura's pattern guide and lining tutorial, the designer of this pretty hat, so you can make your own hat collection of colors or gift-giving Cloche!

Ever think about creating your own stamp image, just for personal use; a one-of-a-kind stamp?! Craft Test Dummies shares a video on how to carve small erasers into cute little stamps - which in turn will help you carve into bigger eraser stamp projects too!

Yes, it's still the winter season and there's nothing like a warm batch of cookies to warm your insides by treating yourself to some 'wintry' ones at that!

Sweetopia's cut out cookies covered with royal icing, fondant flowers and snowflakes shares a video on How to Make Simple Fondant or Gumpaste cut outs that are really quite simple to make. Her "What you'll Need ..." lists the recipes as well as where to purchase utensils used to create theses designs.


Kid-friendly treat idea that is a lot of fun to make! We're all about the handprint thing in our house. It's cheap, it's easy, and it's totally sentimental. Best gift-giving resource EVER, right?? So why not put it on a cookie?


Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month! "No?" Neither did I, so get out those "tea" stamps, embellishments, and make some tea themed cards or scrap pages. This month is also Oatmeal Month and Soup Month. Bake up some oatmeal cookies or bread and find a soup recipe new to you to serve up to your family. January is a month with the 13th falling on a Friday as well!

Brighten up your space with a piece of your own handmade art! Candace Jedrowicz Glue Art Wall Hanging, using the vintage burnt brown bag technique, Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, and metallic powders to add a special touch, has never looked better!

National Hat Day is January 15th - National Hat Day is set aside to wear and enjoy a hat of your choice and style. Isn't it great that hats come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles? There's one to fit every size head and personality. Often, hats are used to make a statement, or to promote a cause or a product.


Create beautiful greeting cards based on stylish floral and abstract designs using embroidery on paper techniques! They are then combined with decoupage techniques to create cards based on stylish floral and abstract designs.
And here's a simple repetitive cross-stitch design to get you started!

Heart "Felt" Ornaments on Cheryl's FELT SEW GOOD blog are created as Christmas ornaments, however, what a lovely Valentine decoration or gift-on-a-card this will make. They could also be used as sachets, pin cushions, small brooch, or hang them on door knobs for Valentine's Day. Cheryl's tutorial, Handmade Holidays Part 1 will guide you through the process of re-creating your own felt heart designs.

This tutorial, BUTTONS CUT FROM SHRINK PLASTIC is easy-to-follow and something to create throughout the year!

Maravian Star Ornaments are a paper folded ornament featured in Create & Decorate Magazine in the Perfectly Prime series by designer, and creative guru, Kim Grasso. Pictorial instructions are easy-to-follow - print out this one!

Introducing my REDNECK MASON STEMWARE by Dizzy Designs!
Get all the info HERE!

The Redneck Stereotype: A redneck is usually typified in popular culture by a straight male with a beer belly that consumes cheap American beer such as Busch or Miller by the case (Pabst Blue Ribbon in more traditional settings) as well as Jack Daniel's. The stereotypical redneck lives in a trailer, and drives an old, large, beat-up pickup truck with a gun rack in the rear window. He genrally wears a stained, sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans, and a trucker hat. Their hair is generally worn in a mullet style, and they favor long sideburns. Personal hygiene is a lost concept with the stereotypical redneck, and what teeth they have left generally show the complete anthology of the stages of dental care. Their favorite activities include hunting, shooting at road signs and lights, professional wrestling, NASCAR, monster truck rallies, car engine repair, collecting junk cars and large appliances on their lawns, having too many children and dogs, participating in domestic disturbances, and waiting around for their welfare checks. Country and Southern Rock bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd figure in as their preferred genre of music.

Stereotypical Redneck Women: Have similar characteristics and interests on a feminine scale. They are most often seen barefoot, pregnant and wear Daisy Duke shorts with stiletto heels.

"OMG! So many ideas." Hope you've enjoyed these few more quick ideas I've thrown your way!
Diane :0)

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