Feb 2, 2012

DZ Doodles Heart Doily, Wall Art, Bookmarks, Felt Flowers Suggestions

Hello doodles followers!
It's February! Congratulations if you've made it through January in your 365 Promise -- even if you've missed a day. Some of my projects took 2 to 3 days on average to complete as most were crochet, felt fabric designs of mine, and bits 'n pieces of plastic canvas projects to finish up. But between all that I filled custom-made orders, and made sure to gather up card inspirations; filing them, box ideas and other paper craft ideas to keep me busy with my card-frenzy crafting! February's Valentine's Day always gets me in-the-mood for "cards" and crafty designs.

Just getting started? No worries! Browse the projects listing on my past posts, and enjoy the process. Scrappers, what are you doing with your photo's? There's several freebie layout sites I know you can access for a Layout-A-Day project if you plan on scrap booking them.

WICKED WITCH/RUBY SLIPPERS BOOKMARKS and varying other, what I would call, Steampunk Art style designs by Kira Nichols at "Oops, I Craft My Pants" blog is just "too inspirational! Take a look-see HERE. AND I also came across this fun stamps collection HERE.

I was thinking of making something "bookmark-y", using polymer clay, with cookie cutter hearts dangling and stamping heart designs onto each. "OH!" glitter embossed! :0) 

THERE IS A NEW ART FORM and KULTURE HITTING THE STREETS -- that has been around for over a century -- everything old is new again! It is called STEAMPUNK, which is not just an art style, but even more: a fashion statement, lifestyle, design asthetic and a huge part of kustom kulture. While the name Steampunk may have been coined in 1987, the artform embodies the asthetic principles described by Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs and even Mark Twain.

STEAMPUNK ART mixes modern ideas and technology with those from the past, namely the Victorian Age, when the 19th Century Industrial Revolution was in full swing and steam was a major source of power. The genre started with literature, where science fiction and fantasy met Victorian era scientists, but has since evolved to include all art forms, according to Web Urbanist. Steampunk materials are often things you would find in an old science lab or industrial lot. Lots of wood as well as copper, brass, steel, iron and other heavy metals often comprise many of the pieces. Glass, old-fashion light bulbs and watch parts, clockworks, rivets, cogs, levers, springs, gears and other pieces of machinery are also popular materials. Leather is another Steampunk style, often sewn crudely together with thick stitches and heavy cord.

TIP: Heart Paper Doily From Circles.

Betsy Veldman turns paper circle doilies into a heart doily to create a lovely background for a Valentine Day, wedding or anniversary card!

Paper Rose. A plethora of Ellinee's FABULOUS FREEBIES printable cut outs of not only a this rose, in various colors, but envelope liner color pattern collection, recipe cards, baby shower stuff, birthday party, and so much more ... find the Paper Rose Templates and Making A Paper Rose Instructions HERE.

If your home needs a refreshing pick-me-up and change in scenery, try these 19 Cool wall art and decor Ideas, great for any room in the house. This guide includes ideas for home decor wall art and outdoor wall decor, as well as vintage and modern bathroom wall decor ideas to liven your wall decor and home accents. It also includes projects for peel and stick wall decorations if you are looking for a temporary change but don't want to make a full commitment to a new design. And the kids can get involved too, with easy kids wall stickers decorations, perfect for livening up their rooms too. 19 Cool Wall Art and Decor Ideas

Re-purposed Soda Can Wall Art! Before you toss your soda can, take a second to consider the creative can possibilities! Make re-purposed soda can wall art from Tiffany Windsor and find a sense of empowerment! Re-purposing materials for crafts like this is a great green option! Spellbinders Dies by Julianna Hudgins were used in this project: LF-013 Jewel Goddess, S5-097 Jewel Treasures, S5-098 Jewel Stones. The dies for this project are "pricey" but who's to say that free-hand cut outs wouldn't work just as well? 

It's easy to misplace bows and hair clips. A Bow Holder Frame is a great option if you want to keep all of your accessories in one place. This is a cute and girly up cycled idea from Jamielyn Nye that little girls will love.

VALENTINE FELT FLOWER Headband Tutorial, using 3-D Bigz die flowers with polyester flet fabric; this wool felt works best with this type of cutting, by Rachel Morris can also be made for numerous other crafting projects and can be found HERE.

Take a moment or two to browse My Avon Store and don't forget to click on my BOG TAB for tidbits of information on how easy-it-is-to-place-an-order on line and some Glamour Style tips with Avon products! 

Happy Crafting!
Diane :0)

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