Feb 24, 2012

DZ Doodles March to April: St. Pat's to Easter and Avon's Give-A-Way Chance To Win Product!

Hi Fellow Doodlers!
It's becoming that time of year when Spring tries to arrive while wintertime hangs in there every now and again! One day you're wearing winter gear, next few days you're wondering about spring colors and dusting off those sandals in preparation for the days and month's to come. Back and forth we go! March arrives with just one nationally known holiday, St. Patrick's Day. But of course there's some that aren't as recognized throughout the month, such as March 1st - SHARE A SMILE DAY.
  • 6th - Dentist Day
  • 11th - is the day to Spring ahead in time once again!
  • 20th - is the First Day of Spring!
  • 26th - is Make Your Own Holiday.
  • and the 30th is Doctor's Day.

Campaign 5
Campaign 4

CAMPAIGN 4 and 5  have technically "ended" on my Avon Store's SHOP MY eBROCHURE listing and Campaign 6 is now selling. However, if you've held onto these Campaign Brochure's you can continue to purchase the items as the item numbers are listed in each brochure using my Avon Store's "QUICK ITEM ENTRY" by Campaign 6 "Brochure effective until March 6th date"OR if you've "saved" previous brochure item-numbers to your shopping bag from these brochure's.

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CAMPAIGN 5's deals and saving's that I've found!
Pages 2-3: Shine Attract. Absolutely a must have luscious color hydrating gloss lipstick ... You'll love them!
Pages 6-7: "Awesome" NEW Pro Nail Enamel's ... my favorite nail polish for Febr. through March! If your craving a new pastel instead of something predictably Valentine-y like dark red, this one feels just right--cool enough to not look odd in mid-winter, but hinting towards spring ... #775-489/Loving Lavender reg. 5.00 4 fl. oz. $2.99 SAVE 2.00 (26 shades)
Pages 20-21: Rich creamy color Ultra Color Rich Lipstick and Beyond Color Plumping lipcolor -- 24 fabulous shades 3.99/Each SAVE UP TO $4 "My absolute favorities to wear!"
Pages 40-41: ANEW GENICS $38 -- Visibly reduces wrinkles, discolorations and loss of firmness. All-in-one anti-aging secret weapon "and I am completely loving this product!"
Pages 42-43: Retexturize your skin in just one night! ANEW CLINICAL Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid $38, overnight transforms to look younger, smoother and revitalized! IN 3 DAYS dramatically retexturizes skin to reveal the look of youthful radiance. "I absolutely can't say enough about how this product makes you look--it's terrific!"
Pages 66-67: ETERNAL MAGIC ENCHANTED Eau de Toilette Spray, NEW Body Lotion and NEW Shower Gel ...$44 VALUE All 3 for 14.99 "you'll love it-love it-love it!"
Pages 100-101: The look of silver & diamonds -- CZ Carat Count 5 PAIR SET EARRINGS 9.99 SAVE $15! "Everyone I've gotten this set for just love's them, and at this price it makes a great "under $10 gift' for just about anyone!"

"I could go on and on about the awesome 'savings' in this Campaign Brochure -- **Register to receive Avon's Campaign Brochure updates** AND take a moment to READ MY AVON BLOG "Glamour Style" suggestions using Avon's products!

Those of you registering from NOW! until MARCH 6th will be entered into MY Avon "New" Forever Eau de Parfum Spray + Plus Free Gift of Body Lotion and Shower Gel Give-A-Way just for doing so! Winner to be announced on March 19th on MY AVON BLOG post! No purchase required, but-of-course, **$30 or more order's** get a 2nd entry chance (**Already registered**). Available only to U.S. and Canada.

Remember, you can place orders anytime, as many times as you want to from Campaign 5 Brochure using my "on line" Avon Store's QUICK ITEM ENTRY Tab up until Campaign Brochure 8 "Brochure effective until April 3rd date"(DO NOT add the dash between item code when entering product numbers). Any questions please email me.

But I'm looking at March and the month's "one" holiday that comes and is gone as quickly as it came. So prepare some crafts ahead of time and it won't seem as if it were here, then gone so fast!

Parents Newsletter is where you'll find a great roundup of St. Patrick Day goodies including these easy-to-make four-leaf clover cupcakes. NOTE: You do have to register for the newsletter to acquire their Library Recipes -- it's a great site with great ideas for all ages!

Bake up your favorite batch of cupcakes! And use these cute topper designs to spread your wishes of "luck."

Party Planning Center has FREE Printable 3D St. Patrick Day Decoration Cupcake Toppers for you to download and spread some green!

I'm just loving Studio Girls Scrapbook Graphics Rebecca McMeen's design kit of ERITHEA! I chose this particular kit of Rebecca's because Erithea is "determined to start living life the way she's always dreamed of ..." and asks, "She's ready. Are you?" The Kit is my colors, my thinking, and my sentiments as well! And I want something unusually different to digitally scrapbook with and challenge my imagination! And you may too.

"OMG!" When I first happened upon ODD FAE and AUTUMN THINGS the first thing I viewed was Dawn Schiller's "Chonoseidh."  I cracked up at this wonderful sense of humor while relating to this fellow's feelings of "time" and just had to show you this awesome work-of-art. I think at 60-ish this year I'm going through some-type of crafting-change-of-life with feelings of reverting back to the many other crafts, besides my cardmaking, from early adulthood that I've set aside far too long. I need to get this longed-for-sense-of-humor back into my life by playing with polymer clay once again and creating with it too! I grew up on Play Dough and bread dough crafts :0)

"Oh so many ideas and so little time!" Hambly Screen Prints has the DT Tutorial by Maisa to inspire and help you to re-create your own version of this adorable photo framing project -- great addition to any home decor or for a gift that keeps on giving -- Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th!


Craft Gossip's Beat John's has a great TUTORIAL at her Splitcoast Stampers showing you how-to-color with pastel pencils on black (dark) cardstock!

Make~Grow~Gather  by Kelly Wilkinson gives you a quick and simple-easy Tutorial in creating stamps, using adhesive backed foam sheets -- how inexpensive is that?! It isn't a stamp technique that will replace the crispness of hand-carved-rubber, rubber or acrylic stamps, but it's fast and easy! I'm thinking STEAMPUNK projects for these types of stamps!

Ideas to Inspire's Easter Basket tutorial will guide you step-by-step to re-creating this adorable rectangle basket project!

There's more to come ...
Diane :0)

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