Apr 8, 2012

DZ Doodles Digi Freebie: Seeing Rain Bows, Egg's Darker Side, Pomanders, Sewing On Cards, Card Folds, Ribbon Wreath, Pie Crust Spoon!

A little help from the boss!
Hello Doodles Followers,

We all experience a little rain in our life's, sometimes stormy weather and for some disasterous outcomes. These boot images, SEEING RAIN BOWS, represent "hope"; the front facing boot represents putting on the foot gear needed to go through the experience, the bow boot represents walking-out-of-the-stormy condition with "rain bows." Size your image to fit a 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" card or larger -- for best results the image (not the background outline of the image) should measure about 3.75"to 4" Tall. For the bow boot, use a single-hole bunch to make a hole on each side of the seam where indicated to attach bow (or glue attach a pre-made bow). Lace a length of ribbon through the holes (the way you would lace up a shoe), tie a pretty bow, and your ready to make a splash!

Image information below.

No doubt, to keep me "so occupied" and away from nagging her to teach me to crochet, my Grandma Zyla used to let me embroider on her holy cards. I think I stitched several at each visit. I never had the skill my mom or Grandma had with a needle, but I love the look of embroidery (cross stitch too!). Just about any embroidery stitch you can do on fabric you can do on paper - how fun is that?!

Instead of dragging out my sewing machine, and for those of you haven't invested in one as of yet, I used a template by Hot Off The Press called, EASY STITCHES (#HOTP7328) which has a wonderful selection of stitch variations to get you started and CTMH PIERCING TOOL KIT (#Z1114 - $5.95) to 'poke' around my card panel the stitching I had selected on the template. Using a long embroidery needle with a narrow eye-size 8 needle is good for embroidery floss, and two strands of embroidery floss I began sewing up my stitch designs.

DMC's embroidery floss is luxurous and inexpensive, comes in 450 colors, and is easy to find in the big craft stores. Depending on how small and close together your stitches are, use just two to three strands of the six-strand thread skein (three strands creates a bolder look). Cut the 6-strand length no longer than 24-inches at a time. If you swipe strands before stiching using a fabric softener tissue your thread will glid much easier through your project. You can take paper samples with you to the store to match colors. You can also get creative with Divine Twine (baker's twine), glitter floss, variagted floss or crochet threads size 3 or 5 (size 10 will work for larger less detailed projects).

Unlike fabric, paper can't be basted without leaving permanent holes. So, if you're sewing through more than one layer, adhere your layers together before you begin. Don't sew through more than three layers at a time. Apply tape to the backside of your layered project where you plane to poke stitches, this keeps the "pokes" clean and while sewing you are less-likely to enlrage the poke holes and bend the cardstock project.

Paper is much less forgiving than fabric - any hole becomes permanent. It's best to pre-plan where your needle will go by using a sewing stitch guide.

Place your cardstock on top of your mat, foam or mouse pad to protect your work surface,  and place the sewing stitch guide on top of the cardstock.

Punch holes in the paper with your paper piecer or pin where indicated on your sewing guide.

Thread your needle, pull threads through the back of the paper at the beginning stich and tape the thread end to the back of the paper with tape to avoid a bump from a knot; also when ending thread stitches.

This image is a freebie for a limited time ONLY and available ONLY via email-request: dzdoodles_freebieimage@hotmail.com (copy/paste in your email) for a limited amount of request's ... first come, first serve basis. Within 24 hours you will receive an image in your email without the watermark - if you don't, freebie limited availability has been filled and this image is now available for purchase in my Dizzy Designs Store under digital stamps tab. DO NOT ADD THIS IMAGE to your post; making it accessable on your post and state it is a freebie from DZ Doodles; you are permitted to create a project using this image and linking it to this post ONLY. Please, images are offered as freebies, do not pass images out to family, friends, acquaintenaces, and the likes. Instead send them to this post link on Oodles of Doodles to acquire their own image ... thank you.

Share-a-card SEEING RAIN BOWS,
an image that's worth a thousand words!

TUTORIAL: Textured Tissue Paper Background by Renea Harrison at Scraps of Darkness and Scraps of Elegance. +++ a video tutorial library that is sure to inspire your creative instinct!

Create a card that has side-step folds following author Beate's unique SIDE-STEP FOLDS Video Turtorial card shape. Plus a variety of other card making videso's!

 How to make an EASEL CARD, 5-1/2 inches square, with two Mini Easel add ons video tutorial by Expressions With Heart.

FRONT POCKET CARD. How-to video to make a card with a pocket on the front to hold and insert with a surprise message or a gift card.

Flipping through magazines is my not-at-all-guilty pleasure, especially when it's free. In Party Frosting's spring issue Emag you'll find many unique ideas but the one that caught my eye was this edible PIE CRUST SPOON!

"Flower Kissing Ball," or Pomanders are gorgeous floral decorations anytime! It's name is from French pomme d`ambre or apple of amber - a ball of perfume. Using a styrofoam ball, some pearl tipped corasge pins and sheets of cardstock paper you can create one too following this simple TUTORIAL: How To Make a Pomander Flower Ball.

The season of the egg day may be overwith and the internet has been flooded with so many egg decorating ideas, but these non-traditional egg designs although colored "on the darker side" intrigued me - I'd use colorful markers in place of the mostly black design.

If you DON'T find inspiration from PLAYS WITH NEEDLES ... then I don't know what to say!

This spring/summer's new adventure for me will be going back into creating sculptured projects, mainly dollmaking. And needlework is one important factor in creating; embroidery stitches of all kinds! I slacked off in my cross stich and embroidery projects for many years, and need to re-add these types of projects, along with crocheting, back into my card crafting and digi stamp designing for a change-inspiration-and the simple joy of doing a variety of creative things!


Ribbon designer rep from May Arts shows you in her video, a simple, quick, but amazing ribbon weaving technique. Ribbon Wreath by Charlene Merrick.

I Am Super Duper is such a "cute" scrapbooking page! by Tattered Pear Tape Up's No. 2, Valerie Wibbens.

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