Jun 10, 2012

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Hello Fellow Doodlers!

I've been a very busy little bee trying to stick with my Summer To Do List of projects and things that I want to accomplish throughout the summer months. And by golly, I'm quite pleased with "another" task checked off! As many of you know my first love in crafting is crochet, and when I came upon this unusal pattern called, WATERMELON HOT PAD SET at e-Patterns Central I just had to buy it! Although they went with pinks and softer greens, I used the darker shades that I had on hand and it truly makes a bolder statement! Besides, I wanted to get rid of some vintage threads given to me that I've tossed around my crochet thread bin for far to long ... hum, could be why I consider them vintage! (tee-hee)

After showing hubby my creation, he made the comment that if I were to sell them I would never get paid enough for the hours it took to make one. So, I began another one. However, this time I timed myself, crocheting at a steady pace with a few short interruptions. The hot pad "foundation mesh" took approximately 1-1/2 hours to crochet to it's recommended size. At an hourly minimum wage of $7.25, that comes to $10.88 to crochet the foundation mesh. Onto this the "wiggles" are formed by working double crochet stitches over the charts indicated verticle posts of double crochet stitches and over 2-chain spaces of Foundation Mesh. UPDATE: I just finished my second Watermelon Hot Pad to determine the time it takes to crochet the wiggles pattern onto the mesh foundation; the two outer edge wiggles took approximately 2-1/2 hours to complete (@ $7.25 an hour = $18.13). The white wiggles section took approximately 3-1/4 hours to complete (@ $7.25 an hour = $23.56). The watermelon wiggle colors took 3-1/2 hours to fill in (@ $7.25 an hour = $25.38). A total of 10-3/4 hours worth of time invested in making this item, comes to $77.95! Now, my question to you is, what would you pay just for this piece alone?

e-Patterns Central's FALL LEAVE HOT PAD SET is my next "to do" crochet project! And throughout the hours of crocheting the Watermelon piece, I was able to get the pattern pieces cut out for SIX doll's; tea dyed, ironed, and face colored during my so called "breaks" from crocheting that will be my next project to tackle. And between all that as I was crocheting, thoughts of using yarns and crocheting in the same way only using "rug canvas" as the pattern base came to mind in making an awesome rug!

OWH's (helping heroes keep in touch with home) Tuesday Tutorial is Iris Folds. This tutorial has just a few easy parts and includes an Iris Fold image download to print to use again and again! Also, watch the handy-dandy video with easy instructions, or follow along ... you can always hit the pause button! If you follow along be prepared with a bunch of 1/4" pre-cut strips of pattern paper and cardstock for either a star or circle.

I'm a lover of flower-anything, and Paper Trey Inks' Stamp-a-faire Set: Natural Beauties samples shows you the many customer projects using this stamp set. You many not be able to acquire the set, but, the ideas are inspiring using your flower-y "stamps-on-hand"!

ROLLED PAPER FLOWERS ADVENTURE: Hummie's World found two videos which are very fun and helpful tutorials about creating handmade rolled paper flowers ... you only need, cardstock or pattern papers, freehand swirls with a pencil, and some scissors! It doesn't have to be perfect, and you won't be needing a die cut!

Melissa Samuels, The Art of Scrapbooking makes available this wonderful selection of Red White and Blue patriotic colors, by We R Memory Keepers to inspire those July 4th, or other patriotic project crafts! The patriotic colors of red, white, and blue brilliantly shine forth in this classic collection conveniently named just that – Red, White & Blue. It’s reminiscent of a hometown parade with icons that spell freedom and pride, such as stars, fireworks, banners, hero awards, and more. The pre-layered papers and embellishments make it simple to use on any project.

And here's a DZ Doodles Freebie image you may want to use on your Independence Day projects. And to get you started on some of your holiday creations I'm also including the DZ Doodles Freebie Snowman Delight!

Introducing the latest additions to Crafters Companion EZMount stamp range from Art-Kure, which have been drawn by artist Mike Goss and manufactured into these gorgeous one-of-a-kind stamps. This collection of sixteen "Timeless Britain" stamps were designed to complement one another as you build an entire scene or use them individually to create a special card or project!

Have you tried using MICA Tiles and Shapes in your crafting? Or MICA Flake, Pigments, Jewels, or everyone's favorite MICA Delights! Susan Pickering Rothamel's video explains the differences and how to use mica for special and unique effects!
A fun visual effect is having the same image flow from one layer to another. There's an assortment of stamping methods out there for lining things up, but, Julia Stainton admits that she dislikes any technique that takes too long. At Ellen Hutson's, The Classroon, Julia's fun seamless tiers technique tutorial, learned years ago and has always loved, will have you breezing through those seamless tier projects of your own!

Grab the chance to snag lots of awesome Interweave books at rockin' prices during the publisher’s annual hurt book sale, today through June 12.
We’ve been holding the annual hurt book sale for more than 25 years—long before the internet we did it by mail order supplements in our magazines—to help find a home for those slightly damaged books that get returned to us from bookstores and other retail outlets. Besides just the hurt books in the sale, we’re also running deep discounts on our eBooks for people who have made that leap away from paper or just can’t wait to get the print versions in the mail.

Turn Bad Art Into Lettered Lovlies
by Cate Prato, Online Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors Today 
Like a lot of people, I have this thing about my handwriting. I hate it. Which means anytime I'm creating handmade cards or a paper collage where I want to add writing, I dread it. I feel like the moment I add that “personal touch,” I've ruined everything that came before I put pen to paper.


handmade paper art recycled with lettering

Journaling over a less-than-stellar
piece of artwork allows you to
practice lettering without risk.
I have been working on the issue of how to write creatively for a while now, paying attention to how other artists address this topic. And I've noticed a common theme. Virtually every artist says that to create artful printing or writing you should use a variety of tools, play, and practice, practice, practice. Or, as Joanne Sharpe puts it: “Play, practice, write, repeat.”

Joanne, a mixed-media artist and creative letterer extraordinaire, says she has been creating artful writing since the 1970s, and she still practices every day.

Joanne practices lettering in her art journals, but she also likes to make creative use of recycled artwork.
P.S. What techniques or tricks do you use to turn your regular handwriting into something you're pleased to have as part of your art journal or other mixed-media paper art? Leave a commet below.

Hero Arts Dry Embossing with Die Cuts Video by Shari Carroll. Have you ever used paper-made die cuts to create dry embossed effects? Shari Carroll shows you how in this tutorial using these two images!

FATHER'S DAY IN POLYMER CLAY IDEAS (or purchase them from the source)!

Family Plaque
Father's Day Trophy
Man Cave Billiard Table Light Switch
Motorcycle Cuff Links

EXTREME CARDS and PAPERCRAFTING (which is my fave place to venture through) has a Father's Day "card" which is really a papercraft model or automata called, Father's Day at the Center of The Universe. When you turn the crank the universe revolves around Dad! Downloadable parts (pre-colored and ready to cut out I might add) and assembly construction are found HERE.


Jennifer Scull said...

thank you so much for the cute freebies!
your hot pads are wonderful! love the pattern for the fall one, too.
thanks for all of the great ideas you are always sharing. :)

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Thank you for the cute freebies.

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Good Luck with the crochet project. That looks really difficult. Thank you for the freebies and now I am off to look at the rolled flower videos. Mine never really look like flowers.

Carol P said...

I'm not usually a big fan of crocheted things, but these wiggle projects are really cool!

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

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Thank you for the cute freebies!

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Thank you for the freebies. I always enjoy reading your newsy posts. Your crochet is darling!

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The snowman is totally adorable thank you so much for sharing!

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Thanks so much for the freebies! Much appreciated!

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I never learn how to crochet.:( Your crochet projects are really lovely! Thanks for the wonderful inspirations and for the cute freebies.:)

Oak Pond SC said...

Thank you for sharing so much. Your hot pads are gorgeous and your husband sounds like mine about the hours spent making our crafts. It's a good thing we do it for the enjoyment :) Have a lovely weekend and happy crafting. Thank you for the lovely heart and snowman digis <3

Dizzy Designs said...

Thanks for all your uplifting comments! It re-affirms that I am bringing you bits of "inspirational" info that's worth viewing...maybe even giving it a try. Actually these are all the things of interest to me that I enjoy sharing.

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It's always fun to see what you have for us here. Thanks for the cute images!

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