Sep 14, 2012

Oodles of Doodles News! Pumpkin Pretzels, Who's Your DaDa, Color Box Chalk Inks and Paper Wishes Webisode, Hat Day Witch Hat, Onsie Idea!

Hello Fellow Doodlers!

It's that time of year to post fall stuff! Woohoo! Officially "The First Day of Autumn" begins on Saturday, Sept. 22nd and I'm feeling SO ready for the holidays! I can't wait to share a list of fall and Halloween fun with you guys during the next few weeks. In our house we are huge pumpkin fans, and I'm not just talking pumpkin pie here. I've been eyeing all the fall items at the stores and it almost feels like Santa's here already! Seriously I'm that crazy for the stuff and who wouldn't love chocolate and pretzels and pumpkin ... plus the look of orange "treats"? Make-Bake-Celebrate has the recipe to tempt-your-taste-buds with her Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels and step-by-step how-to photos!
Polymer Clay Halloween Witch Art Doll (and an assortment of other figurines), by Lisa J. Ammerman, are handsculpted from polymer clay and one of a kinf dolls. Lisa doesn't use molds to make her figures - each is indvidually handsculpted. Her original works of art are intended for decorative purpose only, and are not toys.

Inspired by the "Dada" notion of making art from materials that would not typically be combined or expected to go together, and driven by a similar sense of irony and humor, this exciting book by Linda and Opie O'Brien shares their unique approach to making mixed-media dolls. It is not only a "must have" volume for anyone interested in found object art and the human form, it is a thoughtful and provocative exploration of the power, symbolism, and cultural significance of dolls and representational figures.
The authors share detailed techniques for using surface embellishments, creating faces, heads, and limbs, using molds and molding products, and building and transforming disparate objects into whimsical, inspiring dolls. Starting with a variety of substrates—a wood block, a canvas, a tin can, a book, and a box construction—readers are guided step by step through five types of doll constructions.
Complete instructions for making a box construction doll, a wood block substrate doll, a two-sided canvas frame doll, a tin can doll, and a book doll Numerous variations on each of the core projects for further experimentation An inspiring gallery of mixed-media dolls from leading artists who discuss their methods and share their very personal answers to the question: "What is a doll?"

COLOR ME - COLOR BOX CHALK INKS by Paper Wishes! Try out your own project with this great offer after viewing the Paper Wishes Weekly Webisodes?


Take a little-of-this and some-of-that and make up a "hat"! A Halloween hat for HAT DAY Saturday Sept. 15th! Make a cute witches hat with pattern paper, a Styrofoam cone and stamped embellishments. Peggy McCurry has a tutorial .

My sister Marge is a Cricut Distributor, has been for quite awhile, and if you are looking for a large variety of Cricut Cartridges, check them out here ... ask her, and she'll probably be able to find those that are hard-to-get as well! Plus, she's got a whole list of other thing-a-ma-jigs and what'cha-ma-call-its regarding Cricut and other machines, and products. She believes in fast and reliable service too! P.S. You won't see a lot of OUT-OF-STOCK inventory showing either! And says, what she has, is selling fast! :0)

Shelly's Buttons and More has updated their WEEKLY SPECIALS page with new and different sale packages for this week! Over 30 packages to choose from ... why not try them all?! Their Sew Fun Collection is one of our most popular collections. Simple, round, 2 hole buttons with a variety of themed insets complete the piece! Use code: S-SEW FUN during checkout and save 10% !!
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Well my ink cartridge order has arrived and I'm busily playing catch up on all that I had planned to create up until I realized that I was all out of ink - thank God for fast delivery!You might not hear from me for awhile, but, I promise to have some projects to show!  Chloe my cat is loved it because I speny more time playing, "I'm gonna get'cha" chasing her around the house. NO! I didn't finish mini blinds chore. 

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Lawren said...

Hi Diane. I know you love felt projects, so when I came across this one, I thought of you. Felt Ballet slipper bookmarks.


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