Aug 7, 2011

Projects To Help Motivate ... use the coming months free time "craft-wisely"!

Hi Doodlers!
Ahhh ... a good thunderous evening downpour with lightening lighting up the night sky is just the thing to re-energize a person, especially when it takes the humidity with it, and you're able to open windows to breath again. For me the anticipation for fall because of summer's cabin fever, is less of a concern although it will be here soon enough. The elementary school down the street from us and the high school just up the road are adding all sorts of announcements to their billboards. "UGH!" The early morning and afternoon traffic build-up is here again. But, for those of you with children, I know you'll enjoy all that free time as it's that time of year for you to get-down to working on projects!

So that means, we here at DZ Doodles have to keep you inspired! We're thinking we can do a great job of trying with all of our "to the end of the year" plans for posting, freebies, and Doohikey Designs! We hope you will continue to grow with DZ Doodles. Who knows what's next! Your ideas and projects are welcomed so please leave a comment on our blog ... don't miss a Oodles of Doodles News post, scroll down to our FOLLOWERS to "Join this site" (right side).

Pop/Soda Can Die Cut Flowers

While browsing my Stampin' Up demo's video collection I found her video for aluminum can die cut flowers that she calls, Pop Can Flowers and thought it was something that would be fun to do! So of course I had to place an order for that particular die cut. Of course none of this is new to many of us, but it's always nice to be re-reminded of those older ideas and perhaps to re-think new materials-use, like mylar, or lightweight plastics. Hmmm, wonder what would happen using shrink wrap with this die cut? Of course, viewing other YouTube videos I came across one that uses Stampin' Up's Snowflake #2 in the same way. YAY! Let's recycle!

My way to begin cutting your pop/soda cans (learned this in the late 60's when crochet beer can hats were all the rage) is to use a hand-held can opener to cut around the rim. This removes the entire top piece and is the easiest way to clean the can - use a damp-dry paper towel to swipe out the inside and well-la start cutting! This makes cutting into the can with your scissors, from the top, easier, quicker, and stays "dry" without having to begin by fumbling around with the entire top section. Just snip the metal ring and continue cutting ... always remember,"carefully"! SUGGESTION: We would always wear a cotton pair of gloves because in addition to cutting numerous squares from the can strips, paper punched holes had to be made around each one for crochet stitiches.

Since I'm on a roll here regarding "recycling" projects, how about this one using beans and plastic soda pop bottles to create a gorgeous "gift-giver" vase! Heck, I'm thinking of one for myself. And how about just cropping off the top of plastic juice drink bottle to create another shaped vase! Egads! So much fun, for so little money, for gorgeous crafting projects that I bet no one would hardly know you're so cheap ... I mean thrifty (tee-hee). Recycle badly worn, and those not so good enough for even Goodwill jeans or your can't bare-to-part with "fav-pair" of jeans into a fashionable JEANS PURSE ... little girl or big this is such a cute idea and easy tutorial to follow!

I CROCHET "A LOT" and sell most of what I make by word-of-mouth or at craft fairs. Everyone's always asking me to teach them to crochet, and as much as I try to send them away with the basics, I'm always their hotline for pattern questions. My Polish Grandmother, Francis Mary, who immigrated from Poland at age 15 taught me early on the craft of crocheting, either by sight or hands-on ... her thread crochet lessons were a blessing. Although I didn't really begin to appreciate what I had learned, even watching her do stitches and projects I could only think about doing, it wasn't until the afghan craze hit the market in the 70's that I began to apply all that knowledge into making afghans ... after all I knew all the stiches and project outcomes. I feverishly crocheted afghan's for everyone! A few years before "Busha" passed away, she made me a vest from yarn and "oh-oh" that was my start to crocheting clothing (and everything else) ... Busha was always my hotline! Although I lean toward thread crochet, for those of you who "ask to be taught to crochet," especially using yarn which is easiest to use, I came across CROCHET ME Special Offer that may give you the incentive to pick up a hook and learn the art of crochet too! It's as rewarding as card making and scrapbooking!

With school starting soon, here's a Cool Crochet Backpack, Stashbuster Safety Helmet Backpack, and Crochet Bookbag FREE PATTERNS to whip up for the kids - easy patterns to entice you to begin crocheting or to add to your crochet pattern collection.

This candle project idea just had me saying, "OMG why didn't I think of this!" And what a beautiful gift to give anyone, anytime of the year?! We all love the aroma of candles and your recipient can enjoy the attractive look as well as the enticing scent of candles! Candle-gift yourself first!! :0)

Diane :0)
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid. - Albert Einstein

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