Aug 20, 2011

Paper Mugging's?! Using DZ Doodles Doohikey Interlock Pattern Design!

Hello Doodlers!
Lately the world seems so unpredictable, creating some tough times for many of us. But it seems to me, rather than abandoning crafting pursuits, creative people are more passionate than ever about stamping and scrapbooking. It may not be a livelihood, but a lifeline to feeling sane in a trubulant world.

Still, you can't eat paper, rubber and ink, or embellishments. If you've got limited resources and one (or more) of life's financial emergency's arise, that will most likely deplete the crafting budget for a time. With "back to school" cost in mind, many of us are saying, "we've been negatively affected by the economy" and can't afford the kinds of supplies we were planning to purchase. This got me thinking about what DZ Doodles could do to help ease the crafting budget woe's? I hope to offer more DZ Doodles Digi Stamp "limited time only" freebie images and even a few DZ Doodles Doohikey Designs "limited time only" Template's as they are created. Your comments and suggestions, photo attachments, are greatly appreciated as you use them!

Tough times will always come around, and they will go. But crafters can always make do when they make and do. After all, we're creative!   

And on that note, the other day I opened my cubboard, after having my fav coffee mug handle break, and noticed that half of two shelfs were filled with a pile up of an unwarranted collection of "gift mugs" that I'm not able to part with and because of that didn't realize I had collected ... one or two for "da-da-da-memorable year birthday's," one or two celebrating a holiday, an illness, having surgeries, and so on. I was quilt-ridden as I sorted each one as either a shelf keeper, garage seller, or Goodwill-ish.             

I also came across a reasonably priced program called, CraftArtist Program by DaisyTrail. The ultimate application for any print project! An exciting new range of digital crafting products that contain all the tools needed to easily and quickly make professional-looking print projects at home. There are templates and graphics for all types of projects – everything from photobooks, tags and invitations to greeting cards, gift bags and scrapbooks. This Platinum edition contains these 4 products: Wedding Day, Baby Photos, Greeting Cards and Scrapbooks, making it incredible value for money. Compatible with cutting machines too!

Since we are entering into the candy season, I found a Bakerville sweet inspiration, "Goodie Goodie Gumdrop" recipe to have fun with. Gumdrops are an old-fashioned favorite candy. It's a perect activity to make during the hloidays and makes a tasty homemade gift! Also look into their other Bite-Size Sweet and Easy Recipes!

Then there's an adorable packaging idea that I came across in Stampin' Up's just released Holiday Mini Catalog (page to your left). All of this will be listed on the Stampin' Up site the first of September! Howl-o-ween Creeps Stamp set; wood: 123827 @ $21.95 and clear: 123829 @ $16.95, Cellophane Bag - 124134 each measures 1" x 8". 50 per pkg @ $2.50. Use candy or lollipop molds to form interesting shapes. Read more: How To Make Gumdrops

Diane :0)

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Jennifer Scull said...

thank you so much for this! when I click on the first image, it opens into another page just fine, but I can't get the 2nd one to open into a separate page.

Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I think I've fixed the issue. :0) Attach your Mug-O-Mine project photo when it's finished.

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