Sep 11, 2011

Box Within a Box and Mechanical Skeleton

Hello Doodlers!
With summer coming to a close and the first of fall breezes in the air - it's time to start thinking about making those autumn holiday projects. Halloween and Thanksgiving in particular. But, I also want to take this time to mention that our project challenges will eventually resume and many of the other activities Valerie always has planned, as soon as family medical issues get resolved and she's able to get back-on-track again with her crafting! We hope it will be soon ... so, please give her a shout-out of encouraging wishes and prayer's to help her and hubby get through this challenging time (to your right, just under Google Translate where it says, LETS CHIT-CHAT/Pop up my CBox, click on that to bring a drop down menu to type your message onto). Just so you know, I'm trying to hold down the fort!

Here's a freebie Box-In-a-Box Doohikey Design Template ... I just love the ability to make it itty bitty or as large as my program paper print-out can create it! No matter how you size it, both template pieces fit into one another. We're excited to see what you come up with in your project ideas using this template, so please attach a photo of your finished project to this post ASAP! NOTE: To acquire image, click on line image shown to enlarge. Right click your mouse on enlarged image and in drop down menu "SAVE AS" to your computer's digi folder. If you prefer not to have the "score lines" I print out varying template sizes using posterboard pieces [cut 8-1/2" x 11" to fit into my printer] and draw around each using a pencil, which is easily eraseable.

It's now that time of the year where the holidays begin with a fun and sweet event. Halloween is the start and I love bringing out my Dizzy Doodles Mechanical Skeleton Design to cut out in plenty of time for you to have fun creating projects ... this freebie is available for a limited time only! Simply print-out your desired size, cut out between soild and broken line, attach skeletal pieces usinging itty-bitty brads or eyelets. NOTE: To acquire image, click on line drawing image to enlarge. Right click your mouse on enlarged image and in drop menu 'Save As' to your computers digi folder.

I love one-of-a-kind photo frames  especially as a gift and to give and Heidi Brochers Cool2Craft Network has a Photo Frame video that shows a vintage technique, the look of embossing, using Aleene's Tacky glue! She also shows how a "taped nozzle" helps create fine glue lines! It never dawned on me to do this, but now I know. :0)

Are you thinking of gifts for a crafter's birthday, for the holiday's, the 'Santa' gift for Christmas? This 4 Post easy-to-use Ribbon Carousel  is compact, and uses less than 7-square inches on a crafter's workspace. A great value with minimal assembly! I've gotta get myself at least two! Also available, is a large selection of ribbon and the original "Bow Easy" making template which makes gorgeous bows for your projects in seconds!

A DELECTIBLE DELIGHT and CONTAINER TOO! I'd like to say that I DON'T purposely buy these plastic container's just for their re-purposing use, but instead, because they are filled with lucious strawberries ... you do have to admit that they make great containers for storing just about anything small enough to collect in them; easily stackable and see-thru too!

Online Editor of Clothe, Paper, Scissors, Studio Magazine's WE CAN RELATE, IN OUR OWN WAY is an inspirational web article about your favorite studio organization or decor tips now that crafters are about to embark on the "heavy-duty" project months of the year. Even I found that although I have a bedroom as my studio it still could use some improvement on its layout and organization!

Find thousands of projects to help inspire your next crafty creation at CRAFTSY! There's amazing deals on crafting tools and supplies, get advice from renowned craft experts and enjoy popular online courses ... show off your favorite projects too!

You've got to see this ~SOUTH PARK WELCOME SIGN~ 

Remember those 'Memory' games as a kid? Not sure what you would define as 'challenging' but there's something charming about its simplicity. So, over at EAT-DRINK-CHIC Amy Moss created a bit of cute fun by re-creating the game with a slight twist. Amy calls them, Popsicle Memory Game by replacing the 'cards' with paper posicles. Sooo cute! Scroll down to the end of the article and pick up the freebie 'in color' pre-designed popsicle PDF file. And don't forget to read beneath that the How to Play Rules refresher (tee-hee). I'm adding this game project to my gift's for the kids list!

August 7th blog post introduced you via video to the Pop/Soda Can Die Cut Flowers. If you haven't the time for collecting cans and cutting them (machine and die cut expense) then let me help ease your want and desire to create projects with them. While quantities last, by that I mean as long as you show an interest in buying them, I've packaged and making available the SU FLOWER, Daisies #2 Pop/Soda Can Cuts. Each package contains 3/3-piece sets (3-small (1-1/2"), 3-medium (2-1/4"), 3-large (3-1/4") at $4.49 which includes shipping for each (no shipping discount on quantity purchases). Visit Dizzy Designs Store TAB!

DIZZY DESIGNS DOOHIKEY MUG-O-MINE CREATIONS ARE 'BUY NOW' AVAILABLE TOO! I will be adding a variety of numerous items throughout the coming months that I've been creating and making available as BUY NOW'S! Hope you will check-it-out under the 'TAB' above called, DZD Doohikey Designs Store

Diane ;0)
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