Sep 14, 2011

DZ Doodles Goes Rubber Laser Cut Clings!

Hello Doodlers!
Dear me, "WOW"! Ever so often I browse a sites policies and have found sites that proclaim a "zero tolerance policy" in regards to "sharing" copyright materials; some have gone so far as to state that if you are caught sharing files and there's solid proof, you are instantly banned AND FACE THE POSSIBILITY of having your username, email address and IP address on a "blacklist" shared amoungest other digital community owners.

I know sharing and "pirating" is inevitable in the digital world, but, I'm not policing buyer's friends and families (and the list most likely goes on and on) to make sure that they bought it, or shared it. And if I have to have a "nasty" policy statement, a Blacklist threat about the consequences, then I need to move on into a different route of making them available ... which leads me to announce my decision to go rubber laser cut clings with the majority of my image designs. But the real reason for the change is that I am finally able to take the route that I wanted to in the beginning! Plus I miss "stamping"! There will be more details as soon as everything is ready to go.

ORGANIZE IDEA! This is one of those ideas that you say to yourself  "why didn't I think of that". Over at Rock It Like June Cleaver she's got a great monthly CHORE CHART creation which is not only a tangible way for children to remember what they need to do each day (throughout the month) it would be a fantastic hands-on crafter's planner too! Just think, no more excuses because you'll remember those "projects you've gotta do", events you want to attend, special occassion cards you need to create (ahead of time!), and so much more!

I save a variety of this 'n that's for re-purposing purposes. Most of the time I haven't a clue for their use, but it looks-like something I need to hold onto. Family (especially) ask all the time, "Why do you have so much of ______ ... what are you using it for"?! I tell them that I don't know (or try to fake that I do), but as usual I'm thankful that I did when a time comes that I come across a project idea that a re-purpose piece of my collection can be substituted.

I collect "back boards" from my art tablets and found one large enough to make my project version of the Chore Chart shown above; 18-3/8" Long (18.375) x 23-5/8" Wide (23.625). This board is 1/16-inch thick and sturdy enough to take abuse. I began determing my layout by first figuring square sizes for each day of the week verses a calendar's 5-rows of the week for the month. After drawing my 1/4"-border around all of the sides and adding a 1-inch wide  "day's of the week strip" on top, from inside that space, each pocket size came to 3-1/2" Long (3.50) x 3" Wide (3.00). This left me a side panel size of 18-3/8" Long x 2-1/8" Wide strip to use for my 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" month squares that are held in place with velcro, making them easily interchangeable each month. You'll have to wait to see my finished project because I'm still trying to find time to finish it.

Occassionally I'll collect a jar that various products come in if they've got some shape or design that I like. I've found that sauce jars are cleverly shaped once you remove their labels and some are really cute! I especially like the ones that have the glass embedded measurements on the side of the jar. Never knew what I was going to use them for other than gifting with cookie mixture or soup ingredients and a recipe card attached. On the other hand, I've been wanting to do 'something' creative and decorative to have an herb garden in my kitchen. Stacy's blog 'Not Just a Housewife' article, MASON JAR WALL PLANTER design is 'just the idea' I was looking for! Thanks Stacy for sharing and I thought I'd share it with you too!

 I have to invest in this system ... it's just too 'organized'!
The Scrap Rack Organization Product

Halloween's going to be here sooner than you think and here are some 'just too cute' ideas that I stumbled upon and had to share with you ... I just love both of them!

Gotta have these cup cakes to go with the shoes below!

How to make recycled Halloween 'witch shoes' featured over at the blog Craft Test Dummies. Ladies, wouldn't these be great to wear to work on Halloween?! :0) It gives everyone "just a 'hint' about your after hour plans".

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I want to take this time to mention that I've decided to sell Avon and want to thank you ahead of time for your support. Visit my Avon website and shop online 24/7! Within no time your delivery will be at your door! :0) I've listed just some of the great deals that Campaign 20 Brochure has to offer. Last date to order from this brochure is Sept. 26th, 2011!

I just got my order of the watches listed below and they are JUST GORGEOUS! You won't be disappointed ... I love them all!

I dare you ... I double dare you, to try it at this price, BUY ONE and GET ONE FREE
 and not fall in love with it too!

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