Oct 11, 2011

Time to Think of Gift-Giving Packaging Templates, and "Inside" The Box!

Hi Doodlers!

Sometimes you just have to wait to have all the elements of your design before you can show it properly! Here's what I came up with as a Halloween Gift-Box Idea using the Vintage Foiling technique in a previous blog and My Time Made Easy Lunch Box pattern template (without the handle to make it resemble a "tin" box). The entire thing is an inexpensive gift to give, when you think about it, instead of the usual candies - anyone can give that out! It truly will make for a memorable "keepsake".

I made up the "web" pattern template - applied it to a piece of black textured cardstock with repositional glue to hand cut around it with an Xacto knife, embossed the "boo" and glittered up a plastic spider! I carefully 'unglued' the seam of the Avon sleeves for the watch and earrings box. Using Aleene's Tacky Spray glue, each piece was sprayed and applied to the paper used as lining for the inside. Can't wait to get started on my Christmas themed gift box ideas!

I crocheted this lovely Witch Hat
to include with her Tin Gift Box!
Thinking about making one for myself,
 to wear while I hand-out candy!
Apply crinkled foil to the entire template page
 on opposite side of line-image - cut on line-side.
Set cut-template onto a piece of wax paper;
paint and buff-off excess paint
to allow foil to come trhough.

Overlapping paint onto wax paper
helps stabilize template while buffing.
Peel off wax paper after paint has throughly dried.
Apply pattern paper to this side of template,
reverse and cut-out-along template edge.
Piece is finished and ready for construction.

Creepy is creepy and I just love this  idea and recipe because hubby and I are Jell-O-freaks! And this is the perfect Jell-O-surprise to make for him on Halloween ... he'll love it and sounds yummy! Just go to In Katrina's Kitchen to get her Creepy Beepers Halloween Jell-O recipe!

Googly-Eyed Halloween Cookies Recipe by The Decorated Cookie will have  "You're cookies watching you!"

Frosted Glass Candles ... this article of Angie's over at Burton Avenue is Halloween themed but still a great gift-giving idea for a Thanksgiving Host and Christmas time "little something" to give! Angie used some clear glass Dollar Tree candle holders ($1.00 each), contact paper/cut-out design as a template using Xacto knife and #11-blade ... peel and stick on, spray and let dry, remove contact paper template and "wella!" How simple and easy is that?! I think the hard part would be what type-of-stencil design to choose from.

Crafting Up My World candy corn topiaries can easily be re-designed for Christmastime decor! I'm thinking, wrap the styrofoam balls with crunched up pieces of aluminum foil [see post on Vintage Foiling] attached  using Alleen's Tacky Glue (or Spray Adhesive), or even Mod Podge. Add glittery circles of red' and green's or blues, etc., dotted with scattered snowflakes made from some of those awesome punches available! Step-by-step instructions available on her site.

ICE POPS! There is a delicious moment in the making of ice pops that simply doesn't happen with the supermarket variety, as you feel the pop slip to bonds of its frozen mold and come sliding out, still frosty but showing the first signs of melting. Your mouth waters, ready for a cold shock and a burst of intense, homemade flavors!

Set Of 12 Frozen Treat Makers available at my Dizzy Designs Commodities Store!


Chocolate Pudding Pops - Limoncello Pops 
Sparkling Strawberry Pops - Blueberry-Peach Ice Pops
Click on these Cooking Class images (courtesy of Food Styling) to enlarge - right click your mouse on enlarged page(s) and in the drop down menu either "Save Picture as... or Print Picture...".


Well folks! That's all for right now ... back-to-the-drawing-board for me :0)

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