Oct 8, 2011

Creative Package Design Project and Cookies for The Holidays

Hello Doodlers!
Christmas is a special time for baking and trying both new and traditional recipes. From holiday desserts to classic main dishes, Christmas is a festive season full of joy, family, friends and food.

Food and Dessert Recipes for Homemade Christmas Holiday Baking

There are many Christmas baking recipes online as well as great decorating ideas and ways to turn your Christmas baking into much appreciated gifts. You can print recipes off online, try them out, and if you like them, save them for next year.

This is just too cute and something I thought, if not sock monkey cookies, it's a great idea for something like gingerbreads - it's that time of year for them! The Sweet Adventures of Sugarebelle Sock Monkey cookies! You can even get a Sock Monkey Cookie Cutter!

FYI-REMEMBER! FREE SHIPPING $30 or more! Use Coupon Code: FS30REP - Please check availability for International orders.

And here's a place to get a Gingerbread Cookie Recipe: Cooks Recipe Search - Gingerbread Cookies for Cut-outs to use with the "Sock Monkey" or Avon's "awesomely" large Christmas Tree Cookie Form [page 157/Campaign 22 eBrochure], which will have you making "tree cookies" for everyone!! :0) Or giving them a Cookie Form as a gift! At this special $4.99 price each it makes for a great stocking stuffer too!

AND you can't let this "huge" Personalized Silicone Stocking Cake Pan [page 159/Campaign 22 eBrochure] get away at this special $9.99 price for either yourself or as a gift! I am REALLY IMPRESSED with this! And here's a Gingerbread Cake Tested Recipe from Joy of Baking that I feel is an excellent "hit" to use in this stocking form ...
I can't wait to get baking!!! 

THEN THERE'S THIS AWESOME Cakes and Candy Silicone Bakeware Mold (16-molds) [page 158/Campaign 22 eBrochure] that is not only perfect to use throughout the upcoming holidays but throughout the year, for all sorts of occasions! At this $9.99 price it's a great "just a little something" bakeware mold gift for under $10.00!

And I was really "impressed" with this 3-Tiered Cupcake Stand when I got it ... nice and heavy-duty construction! Still available for a great price of $19.99 in [Campaign 21 eBrochure #604-904].

The ULTIMATE DONUT Silicone CAKE PAN [#511-450 for $12.99/2-piece set/Campaign 21 eBrochure-page 152 ] and MINI DONUT PAN and RECIPE [#190-980 for $9.99/Campaign 21 eBrochure-page 155] are now may favorites as well! AND for the price they make great $10.00 gifts that will "impress" your recipient. You could even include a "Donut" Cookbook too! Baked 'Donut' Buffins are easy and fun to make and a real comfort to snack on especially when using this Baked 'Donut' Buffins Recipe in these Avon Pans!

[To order from a past Campaign eBrochure click-on Shop My eBrochure [left side column of My Avon Website]. In the top header above Welcome, Login/Register is SHOP BY PRODUCT. Click onto it and a page will come up where all you need do is type in your product number (without the hypen between numbers i.e. 190980) and quantity, check the product name that appears. BUT BEFORE DOING THAT in the column that say's, Campaign, you are able to select the Campaign number of at least the last two Campaign's from its drop-down-menu in order to receive an item at that eBrochures prices!]. This list will then go to your shopping cart where you will be able to process your payment. How "kewl" is that?! :0)

HOST A Cookie Exchange Party or call it Baking Exchange Party! Here's the details to organize and throw your own party!

Just thought I'd toss you some awesome ideas to help you out with some early holiday gift-giving specials from Avon (or for any occasion: B-days, Bridal Showers, Thank You gifts, etc.) and tasty treat planning made from Avon's Bakeware and Cookware!

Diane :0)
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