Mar 25, 2012

DZ Doodles Spring Project Ideas, Setting Flocking Powder, Glue Scrapping, Polka Dot Easter Cake, Felt Flowers & Quilt Panel, Chick Cupcakes,

Hi Doodle Followers!
We are currently in the season we call LENT. It's a time of preparing our hearts for Easter, and it's a good time to make a change in your life. As ANN VOSKAMP put it, "Lent isn't about forfeiting as much as it's about formation." This Lent season , and hopefully the days, weeks, and months following, I will be spending more time in prayer and I'd like to invite you to be part of it. Sundays on Oodles of Doodles, at least until Easter day,  I'll add a prayer post. Please feel free to leave a comment with any prayer requests you have and your praises too! :0) God bless you. IN TOUCH MINISTRIES This Week on TV.

Now that spring is here, it's great to revel in the warmer weather and the sunshine. It makes you listen to the birdsongs and feel the gentle breeze. And, of course, it makes you think about crafting. And when you think about crafting, we think about projects. And when we think about projects, we think about project ideas and inspirations.

So, with that said, I present you with my latest project finds and some of my Dizzy Designs projects inspired by all that I find enjoyable to create!

Some Elmers glue (or any similar glue brand) and 100% crochet cotton thread or even lightweight yarns and a plastic or styrofaom egg; protected with cling wrap to prevent adhesion of the yarn during molding/drying) creates this stunning egg! Get the Easter Egg Basket Pattern details for $1.99 at Amanda Lilley Designs in her Craftsy store.

Easter Chick Polymer Clay Sculpture! "All Cracked Up" is a handcrafted Premo polymer clay creation and available on Miranda Farrands Etsy! See her newest works on Miranda's Critters.

Although the post reads "Baseball" Screen Printing, don't be misled by all the possibilities of this post by Sabra of Sew a Straight Line on Whatever Dee Dee Wants. Details on how to create an easy screen printing set up with very little cost and some basic crafting supplies you just may already have at home; Collage Pauge Gloss - sheer cheap-o-cutain fabric from your fave-fabric store - embroidery hoop, can be found at  SCREEN PRINTING tutorial.

I am loving these Floppy Flops flip-flop slippers -- for the inner child fun of it all! What a clever idea! How cute are these??? You can purchase the pattern at Quality Handmade Gifts and Treasures.
AND add a little something more to this Easter gift with Avon's HOT DEAL FOOT WORKS LAVENDER 5-PIECE SET (#477-214) $22VALUE: 1. FW Lavender Overnight Cream, 2. FW Lavender Comfort Soak, 3. FW Lavender Clay Mask, 4. Gel Toe Seperators and, 5. NAILWEAR PRO Loving Lavender ($5Value)!!! ALL 5 ONLY 9.99 

Give an unexpected Easter "treat"!

What girl, tween, or woman doesn't love nail polish?! And here's a delightful way to package those nail colors of spring picks for an Easter egg basket treat that she'll really love  and enjoy throughout the season. A pictorial how-to of inspiration is available at eighteen25.


Avon's Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel and Speed Dry+Nail Enamel would make the perfect new shade (or two) to try! And nail the latest sparkle trends...or snap your fingers with crackle and pop, Mosaic Effects Top Coat and Nail Jewelry Art!

Avon's Limited-Edition Collection; Soft and Smokey - plums and greys, and Warm and Bright - woods and apricots. Purchase seperately or each 5-Piece Set is ONLY $19.95!!

PAPER BUNNY POPS CRAFT using sucker pops ... FREE printable paper bunny PDF download also included!

A CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY made of wood! A Skip to my Lou craft creation and Cindy even includes her free Chocolate Bunny Template ... to reduce or enlarge to any size you want! So simple yet elegant. I'm thinking of creating a 30-inch one, such as Cindy did, using a few cutout foam board pieces glued together (for firmness and strength) instead of the wood since I don't have the means to do it like she did.

CROCHET FLOWER DESIGNS are all-the-project embellishing rage and my Crochet Flower Designs will be available soon at my DIZZY DESIGNS STORE ... give me a holler to request a specific color(s) for any any of the flowers you see. Please excuse the construction mess -- I'm working on it as fast as I can!

Although Hearty Craft looks-like gibberish to some of us to try 'n read, you'll get-the-picture of some of the detailing used on this fabric embroidery stitched Easter card. If you haven't tried embroidery, it's absolutely fun! Embroidery can be used on many things as well as card stock; simply reinforce the card stock back with a lightweight interfacing before stitching, found in any fabric store.

Polka Dot Easter Cake Tutorial and want to make some supper-adorable-chick cupcakes? Just too-delicious-looking not to have as part of your Easter day festivities! And so much more!

Pleated Easter Basket. Although Cathy V. uses vintage sheets, vintage card stock and some machine stitches (or glue products) would create the same results. Cathy's photo tutorial can be found HERE.


Make a stencil for flocking! Using a new technique called Glue Scrapping it's a very easy way to add texture on your project with flock powder or glitter.

Have you tried flocking powder yet? Why not? Although it has one draw back, it can be messy and hard to stick down, it's fun, easy and adds a wonderful fuzzy feeling to any paper craft project. Here's a fantastic solution to that problem, set your flocking powder with your cuttlebug (or other die cut machines). Cuttlebug Setting Flocking Powder Video tutorial.

Once Dawn decided on a kids alphabet themed piece of wall art she started checking her favorite kids sites for inspiration. Her Pottery Barn inspired project didn't set her back $129 bucks but the basic idea, changing colors, and using white lettering made a more gender neutral version of her Alphabet Wall Art.

Beautiful patchwork quilt panel out of felt fabric. Plus Capungmungil Camp shows you a variety of other felt craft illustrations, flower techniques, bag designs, puppets, puzzles, and much more!

My Craft Channel shows the most interesting projects using, of all things, those discarded toilet paper rolls, and makes you want to start saving your rolls - even from your neighbors; and everyone laughs at me for saving stuff such as that. You could even do the same thing using paper towel rolls as well!

And here's a few more great ideas I came across surfing Pinterest!

Really Reasonable Ribbon's at Ribbon's Ramblings not only has a shout-out Design Team Call but a loopy ribbon petals card, that's gorgeous, and tutorial on how to make loopy petal ribbon flowers!

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