May 10, 2012

DZ Doodles Freebie; Scrubbies, TH Distress Stains, Bike Month, Vase Pattern #2, Rosette Brooch, De-Cluttering Sale, Cookie Bouquet, Foam Stamps, Felt Heart Keychain, Scrap Wood Lamp, Custom Aisle Runner

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Doodles Update: May 22nd!


There’s a new website for American crafters to sell their wares. Free for the first 30 days and only $5 each month after, you can imagine how quickly this site is growing. Whether you have handmade's to sell or are just in the mood to shop, check out I Suppot American made.

KNIT or CROCHET some soft fabric reuseable dishcloths that are sold just about anywhere, after cutting strips and joining them together, and using some simple stitches, to create some super easy, colorful, and useable over and over again "scrubbies." Haby Goddess has the short photo tutorial idea on how you can make your own!

ON SALE @ Dizzy Designs Store! In the "De-Clutter tab" Elinor Peace Bailey's Little Old Lady Originals 18-inch Doll Pattern; MEHITABEL-DELL, 1987 Copyright. Includes applique pattern for tote, pillow, or blanket too!

Although Mother's Day was Sunday and we spent all day Friday at Omaha Henry Doorly's Zoo and eating out with out-of-town family and their two grandchildren, I did manage to get a few card/box/books made for requests from my last-minute-friends after family departed on Satur. afternoon! "WOW!" what a late night rush that was ... so I thought I'd show off just a couple designs! :0)

They've requested more for birthdays-anniversaries-weddings-bridal and baby showers coming up and everyone's making their Christmas mailing list up to place orders for Christmas card/box/books (thanks guy's for the heads-up) that I'll also be creating during the summer months. As I make a variety of them up I will be listing them in my Dizzy Designs Store for purchase (almost 7"L by 5"W by 1/2"Deep @ $12.00 each plus $3.50S/H) - so keep checking back, as they will only be made as one-of-a-kind (or you can email me now to have one created especially for your recipient!) And that all leads me into the Tim Holtz Distress Stain part of this conversation, and thought I'd pass this info onto you!

Tim Holtz Distress Stains come in 36 colors plus White Picket Fence(basic price $4.99 each)! Paper Crafter's Library is featuring Ranger Week-Tim Holtz Distress Satins with a ton of different video tutorials and a range of different techniques using Distress Stains!

This awesome butterfly card, is what caught my eye, and uses the stain and Tim Holtz Stamp Set (below-$21.95). This NEW stamp set has thick foam with deeply etched rubber. The rubber stamps that can cling mount to any clear acrylic block (clear blocks are not included in this sale). This is a new design for 2011 - The stamps have the images on the cling backside of the stamp to allow for more perfect placement!

What a space saver! They are part of a line of stamps designed by Tim Holtz. Made in OHIO, USA by Stampers Anonymous. The stamps are also neatly trimmed, deeply etched, magnificent quality and made in the USA. The stamp sheet measures approximately 7" by 8.5". Placing it all on my Gotta Get List!!

It's bike month ... ever use images of a bicycle in any of your projects? If you haven't, now's the time to do it! Why? Because May is National Bike Month and Friday, May 18th is Ride Your Bike to Work Day! So make this day the start of whipping yourself into shape and it's the perfect reason to give to "going green!"

Retro Fifties Bicycle

Daily Clip Art - Cyclist Clipart

Like most people I know, I've been trying to de-clutter my craft room. I admit, the first of the categories of supplies that has been relegated to the "out" box is my stash of punches. Not because I don't like them, but because I find that I prefer to use other more updated (and costly) methods to create these similar designs. I use to collect every punch I could find, especially the Martha Stewart punches assortment, but found that once I'd use a punch a few times I got tired of it and, in the throes of creating I found I preferred my new Cricut and Silhouette Cameo Digital Crafting Machines. Plus, I am now checking into the laser machine, making your own stamps and "punch" designs keeps your art original and unique, and it is just so much fun.

So, I will be listing/selling, my gently used, hard-to-part-with punches assortment in my Dizzy Designs Store until they are all gone, under De-Clutter Sale tab ... most are one-of-a-kind and some may still come with their packaging.
The second of the categories of supplies that has been relegated to the "out" box is my stash of rubber/acrylic stamps. Also, not because I don't like them, but because I find that I prefer to use my own digitally created art stamps. I like collecting stamps with sayings and detailed images but I found that once I'd use an image a few times I didn't use it as often as I thought I would and, in the throes of creating throughout the past few years, I found I preferred my digital font and image stamps. Plus, now that I am taking classes for digital card making and scrap booking I sometimes forget to use them.

VARIETY PACK - Five each of Five Designs (as shown) is available at Dizzy Designs Store for those of you who really don't want the "punch" investment. Along with this one I will  be offering many more PRE-PAPER-PUNCH-STRIP VARIETY PACKS. These Five each of Five Designs (are shown in **white**) are Pre-Paper Punch Strips; they create gorgeous detailed borders that will be an attraction on any custom card or scrap book page. Each border design measures approximately 12-inches long and varies in width: some may even be created using a combination of punches. Shipments outside the U.S. will be required to pay additional USPS postage-wait to be reinvoiced before making payment. Combined shipping is available on all Pre-Paper-Punch-Strips! **Special requests don't upset me if you inform me of the exact paper color and brand that you would like your Pre-Paper-Punch-Strip Variety Pack to be made up of!** Just contact me HERE. I'll be adding a lot more pre-paper cut combo and variety packs as I get them made up!

Thirdly, hubby and I have been discussing retirement plans since we are getting close to that time in our lives. Our children are grown and scattered throughout the U.S. and our grandchildren are graduating, off to college, and making life's and family's of their own. There's a lot we haven't seen, or would like to do, and from what we're planning, I won't be spending much time at home. So, I am making plans to narrow down my creative activities to just some thing's I enjoy doing; Cross Stitch and creating patterns, sewing dolls, small crafts and making patterns, digital scrap booking and card making, creating and designing die cuts, and lastly, crocheting (something I seldom find time to do) ... cookie and cake baking!

To the Dizzy Designs Store "De-Cluttering Sale tab" I'll also be adding a huge assortment of patterns both for crafting and wearable (used and unused), an assortment of craft books and magazines (old and new), paper cut packages, assortment of die cuts, stamp catalogs, lace appliques and lace yardage, bobbles 'n bangles and other such "stuff" as I clean out drawers and boxes addition to DZ Doodles Digital Stamps images, Doohickeys Patterns, and things I've handmade!

Mother's Day is at our heels and Paper Crafts Magazine has these inspirational and quick featured "Found Objects for Mother's Day" ideas that you can quickly make up!

SEND FREE DIGITAL eCARDS for "every" ocassion!

A BOUQUET OF DAISY COOKIES! You can almost mistaken these for the real thing! A unique, edible special gift for mom on Mother's Day (or for anyone, at anytime) ... these daisy cookies, whether alone in a bouquet or mixed in with other flowers make a stunning one-of-a-kind gift! Blossomedge gives you the Basic Equipment List, recipes, along with a step-by-step photo how-to!

In all my life I would never of thought of this memorable wedding aisle runner idea. It's always suppose to be "so white and pristine" before the bride comes down the aisle - you don't dare step on it! This is so much more personal and I just had to share the idea - we have a few weddings to attend this year and I had to pass this one onto them! OH LOVELY DAY Personalized Aisle Runner tutorial will explain the how-to so that you too can roll out your custom aisle runner for your wedding day!

BLUE RIBBON ROSETTE by Rosy~Posy has the step-by-step photo tutorial ... whether it's given for your child's accomplishments, to award mom or dad the #1 parent on their day, or for any success, this quick and easy to make brooch are simply super cute awards to wear!

Not Just a Housewife's Scrap Wood Lamp with Hand Painted Shade is really a creatively cute project. My first thought, for some odd reason, was to use instead of the various blocks, a stack of thick old or vintage style books for a table lamp, or vintage wooden boxes, or suitcases. It's funny how the mind gets inspired by one little thing turned into something so different.
Fun with foam - food foam containers that is! You'll find a short step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make foam containers stamps HERE!


DZ Doodles Doohickey Vase "2" Pattern Freebie! This vase image fits nicely-sized onto a 8-1/2" x 10" sheet of TEXTURED CARD STOCK and creates a 'just right' sized project ... not too small, not too large. Be sure to print on the backside of your textured card stock! It prints out, front panel with one side panel and backside and other side panel. The small line markings are for clipping/splicing to fit the curve of the vase as you attach front and back panels. The solid line along the clipping/splicing marks are to be scored to make a clean fold line. Begin by applying double-sided tape to the 2-front and 2-back panels to create a sandwich leaving the edges open (see photo #3). Run the side panel scored edge between the sandwich-pieces to match the cut edge of the vase panel on the inside or outside panels. To give weight and balance to the vase, take a baggie and fill it with a small amount of doll making plastic pellets and insert/attach inside of the vase bottom. Lightly glue top ridge sandwich piece-panels together and add desired embellishments and create your flowers! Finished size measures approx. 4-1/4"Tall by 6-1/8"Wide at it's widest points. You can make this vase larger-wider-taller, using two to four sheets of textured cardstock just by enlarging it even more before printing out ... use an everyday copy and print paper to determine your desired size and cardstock sheets required before printing the final size onto cardstock.

To acquire the image, click on the image to enlarge. Right click your mouse on the enlarged image and in your drop down menu "SAVE AS..." to your digi folder. To print, simply click on the image in your digi folder, select print (8-1/2 x 10). Cut pieces out using either a craft knife or scissors, score, clip/splice where indicated. Would love to see what you create using this pattern!

AND OOPS! I forgot to include this freebie felt (or paper) layering/stitching images that can help you put a "finish" to your vase projects; stem, 2 sizes flowers to layer, leaves, birdie layering, and the heart can also be used in the project below called, Felt Heart Keychain! The lines show where to poke holes and stitching, or you could fake it!

And please remember, IF YOU LIKE THESE FREEBIES, the left column has a DONATE BUTTON for you to donate whatever amount towards support in helping me keep them coming as "FREE"! I thank you and appreciate it ... Diane



Get some awesome inspiration for scrap book pages, paper, and embellishments!

Stephanie of Toastie Studio, sewing, crafting and creating, shares a step-by-step photo tutorial to make her small last minute gift, Felt Heart Keychain. Of course, this is also a great girlfriend-to-girlfriend classmate grad gift idea as well! In the materials list, for small scraps of fabric, preferrably with a small print on it, you could instead stamp and color on fabric such as cotton or muslin.

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