May 5, 2012

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Hello Doodles Followers!

I love playing with paper-it's so versatile! With just some basic supplies and some folding and cutting techniques, you can turn paper into flowers, artistic wrapping, centerpieces, cards books, boxes, and scrapbooks full of memories. In each of my posts I like giving you the "how-to" to learn insider tricks and techniques for taking paper to new creative heights. So, here's some plan holidays in advance projects, some grad gift and Father's Day inspiration as well as some Mother's Day last minute projects!

Tired of dying flowers after Mom's Day, or any time you receive a bouquet? Make your own flowery bouquet! This is a beautiful arrangement for Mother's Day but it could easily be altered for any occasion. This inspirational piece by Castlepark Designs (thanks Joann) is a vase design created using a Sure-Cuts-A-Lot but with the huge assortment of flower punches, die cuts, etc., a whole range of big and small flowers can be created!

And since there isn't a pattern available for this particular vase design I'll be creating and offering freebie vase patterns that you'll have fun using. BELOW: This vase image fits nicely-sized onto TWO 8-1/2" x 10" sheets of TEXTURED CARD STOCK and creates a 'just right' sized project ... not too small, not too large. Be sure to print on the backside of your textured card stock! It prints out, front panel with one side panel and the second sheet print out does the backside and other side panel. The small line markings are for clipping/splicing to fit the curve of the vase as you attach front and back panels. The solid line along the clipping/splicing marks are to be scored to make a clean fold line. Begin applying your "side panels" at the top of the vase for both sides (4th photo). Run the side panel scored edge to match the cut edge of the vase panel on the inside or outside. Before closing the vase bottom, take a baggie and fill it with doll making plastic pellets and insert inside of the vase to give weight and balance to the piece. Add desired embellishments and create your flowers!
To acquire the image, click on the image to enlarge. Right click your mouse on the enlarged image and in your drop down menu "SAVE AS..." to your digi folder. To print, simply click on the image in your digi folder, select print (8-1/2 x 10). Cut pieces out using either a craft knife or scissors, score, clip/splice where indicated.  Would love to see what you create using this pattern!

This one is UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Just some photo's taken as I designed the pattern. I sometimes like to construct patterns such as this one attaching the clipped/scored edge to the outside of the panels. However, when cutting the vase front and back panels out I'll place a piece of card stock under each one to cut an identical "top" piece to attach after doing the side strips. You can attach the side strips either way, inside each vase panel; you won't need a "top" piece, or outside as shown; you'll need a "top" piece to cover the attachment of the side panels. In the 4th photo you can see how, starting attachment from the top, the rim/opening should look. Clip off the excess of the side panel once the piece has dried so that you can add your elements to the rim on the outside. VASE MEASURES: 7-1/2" tall by 5-1/4" wide at the bottoms rounded base by 1-1/2" deep (front-to-back panels).

Red Hat Card for a Red Hatter. Cards by Stephanie drew the hat shape, cut it out to create a template to trace around and cut out the hat shape. The created the purple rose on a red hat! I seem to forget about the popularity of the world-wide Red Hat Society! This is a cute card idea and reminder.

Red H'attitude finds: Red hats at Huge Collection of Free Clip Art-all you have to do is right click on the clip art you want and save it to your digi folder. The T-shirt Store for RED HAT CLIP ART has unique t-shirts for women in the Red Hat Society, plus Pink Hatter, Queen Mother, Hattitude, plus much more! J. Rett Graphics, and a fun variety of downloadable images! And here's a printable I found, but haven't any idea where I got it so please excuse me for not identifying the giver of this image. Click on image to enlarge, click on enlarged image to save to your digi folder.

Rose on Canvas I and Rose on Canvas II are beautiful canvas decor featuring Donna Dewberry's signature roses. Instructions and supply list found in the Plaid Store!

Brightly colored lace is a popular crafting element right now and if you can't find lace in the colors you want, why not paint your own! THREADS MAGAZINE's tutorial guide gives you the proper dyes and fabric dye options available, a shopping list filled with links, as well as a photo guide how-to techniques.

WORLD'S BEST POP! A treat collection of "Pop" items for Father's Day; Soda Pop (IBC Rootbeer), Popcorn, Pop-tarts, and a Blow Pop lollipop all wrapped up, tied with a ribbon, accent with a tag, and there you go. A sweet treat for your special Pop from Christy of Creatively Christy!

Father's Day Bottle Costumes by Make The Best Of Everything gives you the simple and short details of her projects.

A simply fun project from Magenta by Pasalou called, assorted card and envelope that's perfect for gifts! Stop by to pick up the photo tutorial how-to and dimensions to inspire your own creation.

DECORATIVE PAPERCLIPS. Really ugly paperclips upcycled project by Tanya of Nonna's Craft Corner has some great ideas and products used to throw at you for inspiration!


SAMPLER Instant Photo Jewelry Pendant and Keychain Kit with Krystal Clear-Itz. Makes 3. This sampler kit will create 3 of your own custom photo necklaces or keychains instantly with this complete kit. Save 14% now! Sign up for their free newsletter for exclusive coupons, contests, sales and more!

NEW! Photo Scissors Genie Software Download introductory price only $9.99 for a limited time only!

A few paper materials, something to make circles from around the house (or punches if you have 'em) creates these gorgeous blooms for any occasion - but, Mom's Day is a great one! Get the how-to scoop from A Thrifty Mom at DIY!

A card for the kids to sign for their music director of tweet little bitty birds ... an oddly sized card 9-1/2" x 1-1/4" by Scrappy Deb -  just too Tweet!

Have fun! Diane :0)

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Cleah said...

Amazing projects! I always wonder how to make those curves in boxes, your pattern and tutorial for the vase is very useful. Thank you so much for this, the links and freebies! :)

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