Sep 10, 2012

Oodles of Doodles News! Viva Inka Gold, Copic Markers, Why Don't Crafters Finish What They Start Thoughts, Easy-Peasy Card Challenge Projects, and Felt Owl Trinket Box!

Hello Fellow Doodlers!

I am still adding a variety of digi images to past posts, so don't forget to keep checking back. They could be here today and gone tomorrow!

I decided to venture into a "collage" project last week to try something I haven't done in a long while. I used a variety of elements, a lot of paper cuts and layering on an 8" x 8" The Artist Panel Canvas Texture. The panel was priced at nearly $6.79 but with my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby it was a steal! I like using these panels for collage as they are museum quality and have a firm wood frame and wood board underneath the canvas, and this make stamping on it a breeze, unlike canvas. I first primed the whole top-side with Mod Podge and let it dry. I used Mod Pdge again to apply my base designer paper and rolled it over the edges, folding the corners as well. When dry trimming paper edges off. After letting all that dry, I began adding everything else, Mod Podging as I went along! A bit of digital printing, some stamping, chain, and silk flowers! Oh what fun!

I couldn't wait to show you, as this activity was a rewarding "break" from my norm. I took my time - a few day's when I felt good about adding an element or two ... truly enjoying the process - I wasn't in any hurry! I plan to make another one similar to this for myself, as this is a gift to my sister Denise, who just lost her husband this summer. And I'm so happy about how this turned out that I'm making another using an 8" x 10" panel to collage something different! If you browse through the Hobby Lobby Canvas and Surfaces pages you can find other sizes as well!

Viva's Inka Gold assorted colors can be used wet or dry, on non-porous items, fabrics, chipboard and wood shapes ... and even using your stamps! See and purchase all of the 19 Inka Gold colors here . But first watch the video Barbara from Joggles ... it shows the many techniques and tips she's found fun and easy to do.


Whether or not Copic Markers are used to color your projects, any of the other ink marker brands out there can be used in the same way with these Dove Art Studio tutorials of texturing, skin and hair coloring, monochromatic coloring, and much more! However, remember that your results will vary depending on the markers and paper quality, but, it doesn't hurt to give them a try!


Copic Color Guide Level 3 (with CD) is coming soon ... don't forget to sign up to be notified that it is available for purchase! Expected in-stock date is October 5, 2012.

 What Are You Afraid Of ?... Why don't Crafters Finish What They Start?
a guestion, a thought, by Nikki, In Stitches

Are you a sewer? Are you a paper lover? Are you a jewelry maker? Are you a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker? Most crafters like fitting into these nice, neat molds. It's their comfort zone. The problem with staying in your comfort zone is that it makes you less likely to jump into something new! Creativity is about exploring the edges of what you know and experimenting with what you find there. If you never leave your comfortable and safe place, you'll never learn new mediums, take exciting risks, or grow as a crafter.

Being creative comes with risks.
When you first started creating, you had no idea where it would take you. Would you be good at it? Would it turn into a passion for you? Would it turn into a business for you? Would other people like what you made? Would it matter to you if other people liked what you made? All of these things were uncertain. You risked all of this for the potential love of what you would make.

Where did that risk taking person go? Why don't you jump into a new medium with that same reckless abandon? If you're a fabric lover, are you brave enough to switch over to paper? Could you ever imagine putting a sheet of card stock through your sewing machine? If you're a jewelry maker, do you have the courage to explore the world of yarn? Are you courageous enough to combine the two? Could you incorporate beads into a knitting project? Could you crochet a bracelet?

What's holding you back from delving into a new medium?
  • Is it cost? There's really not much more to say here. Crafting can be expensive. Some mediums more than others. Does the potential cost of supplies, equipment, notions, etc. turn you away from jumping into something new?
  • Is it the already ridiculously large stash of craft supplies you already have and feel guilty about adding another whole category of products to?
  • Is it a lack of knowledge, combined with a fear of starting and not being able to finish?

    You never know. You could find out you're not a're really a candlestick maker.
Crafting should come with a warning label. Warning: Throughout your crafting career you will hoard craft supplies that you will never use, and you will start countless projects that you will never finish. But relax. It’s just part of what crafters do.
It’s “just part of what crafters do. ”But why? Why do you start so many projects but never finish them? Why do you stock up on supplies for projects that you might never start? To be honest, I do it myself!

Here are a few reasons excuses that you might have:

Reason #1
You had every intention of starting that project, you just lost it under the piles of other “never actually started projects” and thus forgot about it.
Translation: You hoard so many notions, fabrics, papers, skeins of yarn, stamps, punches, ribbons, inks, you get the idea, that you are overwhelmed by your craft stash. Thank God you can close the door to your “craft closet.” This helps you feel a lot less guilty about your piles of unused craft supplies when you can’t see them!

Reason #2
It’s not your fault. The pattern writer clearly has never made the project they’ve attempted to provide the instructions for. Carol Duval couldn’t figure out what the heck this lady is talking about!
Translation: You tried really, really hard. You honestly did. But you can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do next. You’re disappointed because you really wanted to make it, but at this point, you’re so frustrated with it…You need to walk away for awhile. (And sometimes you never come back.)

Reason #3
Wow, this project is going to cost a ton of money and require a huge time commitment! You decide to pass.
Translation: You’ve lost interest. Plain and simple: all of your projects are expensive, whether you’ll be investing money or time…that’s part of what you love about them. The pieces you make are your own personal works of art and many become instant family heirlooms. When you leave a project in progress and give the cash or commitment excuse, in reality it’s because that project just doesn’t do it for you.

Do these sound familiar? Could you add to the list?
You buy supplies and start so many projects, but leave many unfinished. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? You look at your pile of unused (often unopened and still in the package!) supplies like it’s “The Island of Misfit Toys.” They tug at your heart strings….calling your name. Begging you to make something, anything from them. What are your reasons for stashing away supplies? Why don’t you finish projects that you start? I’m sure you could add to this list. In fact, I’d love to hear your reasons excuses! Give them to me and maybe we can work together to stop the cycle and change the thinking that it’s “just what crafters do.”

Project Idea – Happy Fall Tree Card - "Stash ONLY Challenge"
Design a card, scrapbook page or 3D item. Your Papercrafter's Library Challenge – is to use this piece as inspiration and make it into a card, scrapbook page, or other project. You can use the layout, the colors, an element you like…it can look like this piece, or nothing at all like the piece. I want to see where YOU take this. This challenge is strictly a “work from your stash” challenge. If you need a reference you can download the PDF handout HERE.


    You may want to use this DZ Doodles Digi Rake and Leaves *Freebie for this challenge.

    Although images are Free
    I incur costs too, and would appreciate
     your "kind" occasional $1.00 donation
    to help with those expenses ...
    Thank You for your support.


    Happy Anniversary - This awesome card project made by Jackie Pedro from the Monday Mojo #257 Challenge is a great "stash" papers design ... and I know I have loads of that stuff! Get creative, cut your own hand drawn flowers, make-up a circle from the base of your coffee cup or soda can, cut strips of paper and snip ends here and there ... although there's a list of devices used (and to purchase) start using your "imagination," and stop thinking you "need" your wallet! I'm sure something just as lovely as this can be created! Invest in a couple varying sized pairs of scissors and/or an Xacto knife with #11 blades (and cutting matt)!

    Here's another awesome, cut-cut-snip-snip card project idea brought to you by All I Do Is Stamp from a challenge ...


    Come and Get It Challenge Rules are to have fun by following the posted challenge for the week! This week is a simple Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge. Join the fun!

    You know me and my felt fabric projects ... well here's a cutie Felt Owl Trinket Box by Creative Breathing that I couldn't pass up showing to you. You see, it's just a punch of circles and pinking shear scissors, and some styro-balls for this project! And woo doesn't love an owl?! I know you've got some "containers" from somewhere or something saved that is use able for the box part!!
    Well, these are my thoughts and I'm sticking to them!


    Lawren said...

    Oh, I can't tell you how many unfinished projects I have started. They're all over my craft table. It's sad. And I am so afraid of cleaning out my craft room. I should do it and have a big blog give away.

    Thank you for the article and the freebies.


    Unknown said...

    I'm in the process of cleaning, seperating, conquering, and dividing my craft room, and I wouldn't say "clean and sell." I'd like to give myself another chance with the motto of, "clean and USE-IT-UP MYSELF!" ... then sell (tee-hee). What an accomplishment that would be! :0)

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